Best Beach Flip Flops For Women And Men

Best Beach Flip Flops For Women And Men

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With summer time fast approaching, your thoughts are probably turning to spending some time on the beach, on a boat or by the pool. While shoes may be great for work and sports, they can be hot and uncomfortable when worn near or on the water, which is why many people turn to flip flops for much of their summer fun.

With summer just around the corner, we thought we would present you with what we consider some of the best beach flip flops for women and men who enjoy spending time on or near the water.

crocs Crocband Flip-Flop

crocs Crocband Flip-Flop

These Unisex Crocs Flip Flops have lots of faithful fans who like them for different reasons including their suitability for wearing on the beach.

This beach flip flop is super comfy and hugs the foot, preventing it from slipping off. It is not squishy but that does not make it less comfortable. You can wear it on the beach and anywhere else you like since it looks stylish and comfy.

People like it because it is well made and does not make your foot smell bad once you wear it for long or if your foot is wet. It comes in a really wide range of colors and some users mention that it is great for wide feet.

Roxy Women’s Bermuda Flip Flops

Roxy Women's Bermuda Flip Flops

These Roxy Women’s Bermuda flip flops come in sizes 7 through 9 and several different multi-colors.

They are manmade with a rubber sole and a graphic printed foot bed which looks very pretty. Half sizes are also available.

Users find them very cute like all Roxy flip flops as well as comfortable. They also say that they fit well and are light. The background design looks great and this flip flop is quite affordable.

Teva Men’s Mush II Flip-Flop

Teva Men's Mush II Flip-Flop

These Teva Men´s Flip Flops are very popular in users´ preferences due to the many positive features they have. Most of all, users like them because they can wear them not only on the beach but to walk even long distances.

They are flexible and mould to your foot easily without being overly soft. They are well cushioned, which makes them very comfy to wear, and are solid and quite durable. They fit well and are easy to clean.

The fabric strap feels comfortable and durable while the sole dries very quickly. The strap takes a bit longer than the sole to dry if you fully dip it into water.

Roxy Women’s Mimosa V Flip Flop

Roxy Women's Mimosa V Flip Flop

These Mimosa V Flip Flops come in sizes 7 through 10 medium width and a range of colors with beachy designs.

They are manmade with a rubber sole, a thong strap with patterns, a logo charm and coordinated graphics on the footbed.

Users really like the wide choice of vivid colors and find that these are really cute and summery flip flops. They also look stylish sporty and are comfy and durable. People are glad that the graphics don´t rub off and the colors stay bright.

NDB Men’s Classical Comfortable II Flip-Flop

NDB Men's Classical Comfortable II Flip-Flop

This flip flop for men by NDB is a cheap flip flop which nonetheless has some very good features that users review quite positively.

This is a flexible and lightweight flip flop that is shock proof and non-slip. The sole is also widened, which people with larger feet may find useful. The company offers a 15 day return guarantee and a similar product version for women as well.

A lot of users really like that this beach footwear feels cushiony and very comfy while its strap is comfortable as well. The fit is good and this footwear holds up well even when it gets wet.

Roxy Women’s Tahiti V Flip Flop

Roxy Women's Tahiti V Flip Flop

Summer often allows many people to imagine life on a tropical island and now you can continue that fantasy with these tropical island inspired Roxy Tahiti V flip flops featuring a patterned foam foot bed that reminds us one of the tropics.

They come in medium width sizes of 7 or 8 and a number of different colors. Made of 100% rubber with a slender thong strap and a molded heart logo, these beach flip flops are both colorful and fun.

Users find that they run true to size but some of them do suggest that if you normally wear a ½ size in shoe, you should order the next ½ up rather than down. They are also comfortable and easy to wash.

Havaianas Men’s Brazil Flip Flop

Havaianas Men's Brazil Flip Flop

These Havaianas Men’s Brazil flip flops come in several sizes and colors. They are made of synthetic and feature the Brazilian flag on the strap. The sizes are based on men’s U.S. Shoe sizes.

Users review that they are comfortable as well as durable while also looking great. They like that there is no irritation between their toes and spongy bottom, which makes them comfortable and sturdy enough to be worn the entire day.

Quiksilver Men’s Molokai Flip-Flop

Quiksilver Men's Molokai Flip-Flop

This Quiksilver Men´s Flip Flop is good for wearing on the beach but not equally good for some long walking. It features a thong strap which is made of flexible rubber and a textured foot bed which is anti-slip.

In addition, it is available in seven great looking colors.

Users admit that these flip flops look really good and masculine. They are also cheap. While for some users they feel comfy, for some others they are not that comfy. Overall, they are good for the price and better to be used just on the beach.

Dona Michi Women’s Flip Flops with Glitter Straps

Dona Michi Women's Flip Flops with Glitter Straps

This is a surprisingly cheap flip flop, and if you are looking for a pair of beach flip flops that can be a little dressy and have a bit of glitz, then these Dona Michi Flip Flops for women might just catch your eye.

They are synthetic and rubber with a non-slip foot bed. They come in sizes 5 to 10 and medium width as well as 4 colors.

Users find them great for the price and like that they sparkle nicely in the sun. They are also sturdy, cute and comfy.

There were a few users though who have mentioned that when they opened this footwear´s box, there was a strong plastic odor coming from the flip flops which they found very unpleasant.

Beach Flip Flops for Men by Duckmole

Beach Flip Flops for Men by Duckmole

These cheap beach flip flops are, according to the company, good for men with wider feet. They feature a wide platform and a non-slip TPU rubber sole while they are flexible and lightweight.

Nevertheless, they may not be so suitable for long walks but for beach use, they can work just fine. They are also good for wide or swollen feet and both the strap and sole feel soft. The strap also feels a bit floppy, according to some users.

Reef Women’s Bliss Flip Flops

Reef Women's Bliss Flip Flops

These Reef Women´s Bliss Sandals look very stylish but may not be so suitable for a rough use on the beach and getting wet since the thong strap is made of faux leather.

They come in sizes 5 through 11 medium and are black with colored straps. They also have synthetic soles and a soft EVA footbed with a logo at the heel.

Users do suggest that you order a size up as these flip flops run a bit small. They also find them quite durable and comfortable. Other things that they like about this footwear is that it cushions their feet and they can wear it for long periods of time with no discomfort. The straps are nice and add style to the flip flops´ overall appearance.

Norocos Men’s Flip-Flops

Norocos Men's Flip-Flops

These men´s flip flops are very decent flip flops at a great price. They feature a soft EVA bottom as well as a rubber sole that is suitable not only for the beach but for doing other activities as well.

The strap is made of a soft and comfy fabric which doesn’t hurt the feet while the outsole provides a good grip even when the sandal is wet. Half sizes are available and the company informs that the sole has been widened.

People are very satisfied with their purchase, saying that these are very decent flip flops for the price. They are very comfy and look smart. Users with wider feet also find them great while men who don´t have wide feet like the fact that the strap feels a bit loose on their feet.

Skechers “Beaching it” Women’s Flip Flops

Skechers “Beaching it” Women's Flip Flops

These Skechers women’s flip flops come in sizes 6 through 11 medium width and in three colors: white and black. They are made of synthetic materials and the upper is made of a flexible and soft plastic foam.

The outsole has good traction and the midsole is flexible and super lightweight. This durable beach footwear is also easy to clean.

Users like that find that these flip flops have great tractions on wet surfaces and dry easily when they get wet. They also like the fact that they are true to size.

Crocs Unisex Beach Line Flip Flops

Crocs Unisex Beach Line Flip Flops

These Crocs Beach Line Flip Flops come in several sizes and have a croslite sole that offers some cushioning and comfort.

The double tone nautical stripes makes them unique and fun to wear. They are also lightweight and dry fast.

Users review that this Crocs footwear is quite comfortable and some of them do suggest that you order one size up since it runs a bit small.

Volcom Women’s Beach Party Sandal Flip Flop

Volcom Women's Beach Party Sandal Flip Flop

These pretty looking Volcom Beach Party Sandal flip flops are more like beach party flip flops rather than beach flip flops suitable for some rough use.

They come in sizes 5 through 10 medium width and are made from 50% synthetic leather, 25% cotton cord and 25% metal. They feature a synthetic leather sole and chain details with a durable ethylene vinyl outsole.

Users say that these sandals are of good quality, cute and can be worn comfortably all day. The cord and chain detail looks both sporty and a little dressy.

Puma Men’s Beach Flip Flops

Puma Men's Beach Flip Flops

These Puma Men’s Beach flip flops have a spider design and come in sizes 8 through 12 gray rubber. The Puma logo is stamped on both the foot bed and the strap.

Users find that they are comfortable and can be purchased at a very good price.

All in all, if you want a pair of good beach flip flops for the upcoming beach and summer season, one of the best beach flip flops for women and men in this review might fit the bill.