23 Best Bootie Slippers For Women

23 Best Bootie Slippers For Women

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Bootie slippers can keep not only your feet warm but also your ankles and in some cases even your whole calf or half or it. In addition, they are available in so many beautiful looking styles that can make your pyjama wear really stand out and even make a great choice for short trips outside. They also make great slipper gifts.

So, here is a look at the best bootie slippers for women we have chosen after some long search.

ACORN Women’s Faux Chinchilla Bootie Slipper

ACORN Women's Faux Chinchilla Bootie Slipper

This ACORN women’s bootie slipper looks like a solid, well constructed and quality slipper to wear. It features an extremely soft padded bottom, a fabric upper and synthetic sole with a very soft faux chinchilla fur collar which will keep your ankles and feet stylishly warm and cozy.

Acorn slippers are well known for their functional successful features such as lasting cushioning and comfort, arch support, excellent shape and fit as well as unique looking styles.

This bootie slipper is available in three color combinations and comes in sizes small, medium, large and Xlarge.

Many consumers are pleased they have bought this footwear which is comfortable, warm and stylish with a bit of arch support. They like that these faux chinchilla slippers have grippy soles and find them well constructed with good seams. Overall, they are great at keeping your feet warm and easy to keep clean.

Dearfoams Women’s Velour Bootie with Boa Flat

Dearfoams Women's Velour Bootie with Boa Flat

These Dearfoams Velour Booties come in a few select sizes and a half dozen beautiful looking colors. They feature a synthetic upper and sole as well as a cozy lining with a split toe seam.

These ankle high slippers have a cushioned footbed and a semi hard sole. They are fur lined and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear.

Users say that they are comfortable and fit like a glove. They are durable, have a flexible sole and can easily be washed and dried. Nevertheless, some people recommend ordering a size up from your normal size.

Tamarac by Slippers International Women’s Leddi Slipper

Tamarac by Slippers International Women's Leddi Slipper

This Tamarac Women’s Leddi Slipper looks like a warm, good quality and well constructed slipper. It is made of suede and has a rubber sole that makes it good for both indoor and outdoor wear.

This ankle high slipper features a faux-fur cuff and a center-split seam at vamp. It is available in four colors and cannot be washed.

Users are extremely pleased with their purchase. They review that it is extremely comfortable, warm, soft as well as cozy and has a tread on the sole that is anti-slip. It is very sturdy and looks stylish. People wear it outdoors and indoors, and remark that this is a great slipper for the price and makes a great gift.

ACORN Women’s Sheepskin Moxie Bootie Slipper

ACORN Women's Sheepskin Moxie Bootie Slipper

These Acorn Moxie Bootie Slippers look very stylish, quality and well made. They come in sizes 6 through 10 and four great looking colors.

They feature a leather upper and synthetic sole with a soft sheepskin lining with moccasin style toe stitching. There is also a rawhide tie and the opening can be folded over to show some of the lining.

The sheepskin lining conforms to your feet while the skid resistant sole makes them perfect for outdoor wear as well. The driver’s heel not only gives a nice style to the bootie but also prevents it from getting dirty at the back if you wear it when driving.

Users are really excited with the excellent quality, warmth, comfort and style of this bootie. They say it is adorable, well made, sturdy, very comfortable and super warm.

Ultra Plush Chenille Slippers

Ultra Plush Chenille Slippers

These Chenille Slippers are very cheap and at the same time very much adored by users who are very pleased with a number of great features this ultra-plush bootie has.

It is made of 100% Polyester that is machine washable and has a padded foot bed, elasticized cuffs to keep it on without constriction as well as no skid bottoms. The available colors are Blue, Pink, Lilac and Royal Blue while the sizes are Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

This soft plush slipper comes with a 60 days satisfaction guarantee.

Users say that this cute bootie fits perfectly and is comfortable and warm. It does not have any aggravating seams and the front opening makes it easier to slip your foot in. In addition, the toe box is roomy.

It feels very soft and the white non-skid outsoles don’t leave any scuff marks on the floor. People like the fact that it is machine washable and the only feature few of them would like this slipper to have is thicker bottoms but for their price, you can’t have everything, I guess!

Airee Fairee Women’s Faux Fur Lined Boot Slipper

Airee Fairee Women's Faux Fur Lined Boot Slipper

These Airee Fairee bootie style slippers look really cute and attractive with their knitted design, faux fur lining and pom-poms, also making a great gift. They have a rubber sole that is good for outdoor use and are available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Users find that these booties have a squishy and warm insole. They are extremely comfortable and super cute with a nicely cushioned sole. They are both practical and fun and people like that they are washable.

While they will keep both your feet and ankles warm, they are also lightweight and fairly durable.

Baffin Unisex Cush Insulated Booty Slipper

Baffin Unisex Cush Insulated Booty Slipper

This Baffin Unisex Booty Slipper is great for your getaways to the slopes or if you simply need the comfort and warmth of a sleeping bag in a slipper.

This quilted slipper is insulated made of a breathable material that prevents your feet from sweating. It also features a drawstring closure and a flexible synthetic outsole. It is lightweight, very cozy and has ample room for the toes making them a good option for people with wider feet.

It packs down small and some people even wear it when they sleep. Finally, it is available in eight great looking colors.

La Plage Women’s Tall Plush Winter Boot Slippers

La Plage Women's Tall Plush Winter Boot Slippers

These La Plage Boot Slippers are calf length and look very cozy and cute. They come in sizes 6-7, 8-9, and 10-11 and consist of a leather and rubber durable sole that is non-skid.

Users review this footwear as extremely comfortable, warm and soft on the bottom of their feet. They are sturdily constructed and machine washable.

People really like the plush feel of these slippers and their excellent quality. In addition, the little decorative flower on the side of the boot offers a cute touch.

Dearfoams Women’s Memory Foam Sweater Knit Indoor/Outdoor Bootie Slipper

Dearfoams Women's Memory Foam Sweater Knit Indoor/Outdoor Bootie Slipper

These Dearfoams sweater knit bootie slippers feature a sweater knit upper with 2 decorative buttons and memory foam cushioning. They have an indoor/outdoor sole with faux fur lining and are machine washable.

In addition, they come in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Users find that they fit well and are cushy, warm and comfortable as well as good looking. The faux fur is amazingly soft and the sole has a nice rubber bottom.

MiYang’s Vintage Arctic Solid Indoor Boot Slippers

MiYang's Vintage Arctic Solid Indoor Boot Slippers

These Mi Yang’s artic solid indoor boot slippers consist of a cotton upper and a rubber sole with a wrap around midsole. They have a fur interior and are machine washable but need to be air dried.

They come in sizes 9, 10, and 11 and several different colors. The manufacturer suggests that potentials buyers should order one size bigger than what they usually wear because this slipper may run a bit small due to the rich fur inside the bootie.

Users review that these Vintage looking bootie slippers are warm and comfortable on both the feet and leg. They are also lightweight as well as quite durable and the cushioning is soft. Finally, people like the flexible soles.

Dearfoams Women’s Velour Booty Slipper

Dearfoams Women's Velour Booty Slipper

These Dearfoams Velour Bootie Slippers look very stylish and of a very good quality. They have a dense cushioned memory foam insole and a velour upper with a plush trim.

The outsole is made of thermoplastic rubber that is non slip and there are five beautiful looking and stylish colors to choose from and even consider to offer as a gift.

Users report that these are very good quality and construction slipper footwear. They are also comfortable and soft in the inside. The elastic band makes the bootie stay on very well while the outsole is sturdy and durable. This slipper seems not to be so suitable for people with wide feet.

Isotoner Women’s Erica Microsuede Boot Slippers

Isotoner Women’s Erica Microsuede Boot Slippers

These Isotoner Boot Slippers look solid, sturdy and quite stylish. They feature a micro suede upper with a faux fur trim and lining.

There is also a heel cushion while the outsole is suitable both for indoor and outdoor wear. This product can be machine washed in cool water.

Users review that there is a little noise when you walk wearing these, so they are not the quietest slippers you can find but the outsole makes them perfect for quick trips outside.

They also like them because they are soft, warm and very comfortable to wear. They are easy to slip on and the cuff protects your feet from the cold. Still, this bootie might not be suitable for people with wide feet.

Snookiz Microwave Heated Short Booties for Women

Snookiz Microwave Heated Short Booties for Women

These Microwave Heated Bootie Slippers are lightweight and made of polyester. The inner sole can be removed, heated in your microwave and slipped back into the slipper. It also comes with a bag to insert the sole in the microwave.

According to the company, 45 seconds of heating will offer 20 to 30 minutes of warm cozy feeling. You can repeat the heating as many times as you would like. This footwear can also be machine washed.

People remark that this is a good slipper for cold winter nights and makes a great gift for anyone who suffers from cold feet. Even after the insole loses the heat, it keeps the feet warm for a few hours.

Muk Luks Women’s Pennley Slippers

Muk Luks Women's Pennley Slippers

These Muk Luks Slippers look really cute and are made with 100% Polyester.

Unfortunately, they don’t have non-slip bottoms. Also, some users have reported that they are not so long lasting.

Nevertheless, most people say they are super cozy, comfortable and warm. They also fit well.

Dearfoams Women’s Pile Boot with Zipper

Dearfoams Women's Pile Boot with Zipper

This Dearfoams Boot Slipper looks like a warm, cozy and fuzzy bootie to wear. It features memory foam cushioning and a rubber sole with anti-skid tread. This footwear can be machine washed.

Users like the silky soft fuzzy faux fur on the outside of the bootie and say that the zipper works and is solid. The outsole is made of sturdy rubber and the slipper is easy to slip on. It feels soft and fluffy, and is very warm and comfortable.

Muk Luks Women’s Amira Short Slipper Bootie

Muk Luks Women's Amira Short Slipper Bootie

This Muk Luks Short Slipper Bootie is made of acrylic and has a Nubuck PU sole. It is available in four colors and can be machine washed but has to be air dried.

There is also a foam on the bottom and the outsole does not slide. This footwear is roomy but is snug as well.

Not all people are quite pleased with its durability but many of them mention that it is comfortable, cushy, soft and fuzzy. They also like the sweater like knit on the outside that looks like sweater and support that this footwear is more suitable to be worn indoors.

Women’s Side Pom Pom Bedroom Boots

Women's Side Pom Pom Bedroom Boots

These Pom Pom House Booties look cute but they are not the best quality bootie slippers you can get according to user reviews. So, if you like changing your slippers every few months, going for cheaper slippers, this product might be a good option.

But let’s see what users comments talk about. Most people like them because they look cute and they are cozy, comfortable, soft and warm.

Raikou Women’s Micro Fleece Bootie Slipper

 Raikou Women's Micro Fleece Bootie Slipper

These Raikou Micro Fleece Bootie Slipper has an elf-like style and is made of 100% polyester micro fleece. It is made in German and can be machine washed.

There is an elasticated band across the back ankle that keeps the slipper on nicely and no hard sole, but there are non-slip grips.

Users seem to love these elf style bootie slippers and find them adorable. They buy them in different colors and find them toasty warm and comfy.

Mid Calf Snow Bootie Slippers

Mid Calf Snow Bootie Slippers

These Mid Calf Slippers feature a fleece inner lining and a rubber sole that makes it good for indoor and outdoor wear.

People like the affordable price of these booties and the fact that they are warm and comfortable. In addition, they fit well and look very cute.

Sherpa Fleece Slipper Booties

Sherpa Fleece Slipper Booties

This Sherpa Fleece Slipper Bootie is made of 100% polyester and features a synthetic non-slip sole. It is suitable for indoor wear and has a cute looking pom-pom on the side.

People say that this is a nice fluffy slipper for the price. According to few users, they may not be the most durable bootie slippers around, but they look very cute and are warm, soft, cozy and comfortable. They are also easy to put on and pull off.

Isaac Mizrahi Women’s Bootie Slipper with Fur Cuff

Isaac Mizrahi Women's Bootie Slipper with Fur Cuff

This tweet boucle knitted slipper bootie looks really pretty and cute. It is faux fur in the inside and has a thick collar that can fold down or up. It is cushioned and has a non-slip rubber outsole.

Users review they are really warm and comfortable. They look very cute and the memory foam feels cushy. Nevertheless, some users mentioned that they run small, so they had to order a size or even two sizes up.

Gohom Women’s Winter Indoor Slipper Boots

Gohom Women's Winter Indoor Slipper Boots

These Gohom Slipper Boots look very pretty. They feature a memory foam insole and a non-slip soft and durable outsole. This is an overall lightweight and compact slipper that feels warm and very comfortable.

People find this house footwear just adorable and of a good quality. It is also super warm and comfortable, and some users recommend ordering one or even two sizes up.

Women’s Plush Non Slip Bootie Socks

Women's Plush Non Slip Bootie Socks

These Bootie Socks are designed for indoor wear and are made of 60% Polyester and 40% Acrylic. They feature soft fleece lining and have a non-skid sole that is good for tile or wood floors.

Users really like the adorable pattern of this bootie sock and find this footwear warm, cozy, comfortable and soft. It also looks sturdy.

All in all, if you are looking for the best bootie slippers for women, in this review you will find some stylish looking quality options that can make even the coldest feet toasty warm and feeling great.