16 Best Clog Slippers For Women Reviews

16 Best Clog Slippers For Women Reviews

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Clog slippers are comfortable, simple and easy to just slide your feet into and that’s why a lot of people choose to wear them. In addition, there are a lot of different models of those slippers, so it is not difficult to find one that suits your needs or can even deal with some foot problems.

In certain cases, clog slippers may also be a better option for people with wider feet and they are sure to keep your feet warm on cold floors. So, here is a look at some of the best clog slippers for women.

Clipp’li Women’s Suede Mules with Faux Fur

Clipp'li Women’s Suede Mules with Faux Fur

These Clipp’li clog style slippers come in a few select sizes and 6 nice looking colors. They feature a suede upper and a synthetic rubber sole with faux fur lining.

This is a good quality, well made, soft, warm and comfortable clog slipper that can be either hand or machine washed. Because of its inner lining that makes its fit smaller, the company recommends going up one size from what your normal shoe size is.

Reviews about this product are very good. Users say that these mules are extremely well made, lightweight, sturdy and comfortable. They are also nice looking and feel soft as well as warm.

They slide on and off easily, and users like that they hug their feet nicely. In addition, they are sturdy enough to allow them to be worn outside for short periods of time.

While they don’t have a lot of arch support, people suggest that there is a decent amount of arch support that makes them very comfortable to be worn for long hours.

Sorel Women’s Nakiska Slide Slipper

Sorel Women's Nakiska Slide Slipper

This Sorel Women’s Nakiska Slide Slipper looks like a fashionable, well made, comfortable and warm slipper to wear. It comes in select sizes and 6 pretty looking colors.

These clogs feature a suede upper that is stamped and branded as well as a good quality rubber sole which is good for both indoor and outdoor wear. The interior is lined.

They can be machine washed, but it is recommended that they be air dried. They are super warm and comfortable and have a good solid sturdy sole and an adequate arch support.

Users are extremely pleased with these clog slippers, finding them super comfy and warm but without overheating their feet. They are supportive enough and in some cases, they have proven effective for people with rheumatoid arthritis or pain in their feet.

Finally, they are durable and fit true to size. They also don’t accidently slip off your foot.

Isotoner Women’s MicroterrySatin Cuff Clog Slippers

Isotoner Women's Microterry Satin Cuff Clog Slippers

These IsotonerMicroterry Pillow step clog slippers come in sizes X-Small to X-Large and in a good variety of colors. They feature manmade terry uppers, synthetic indoor/outdoor soles, a cushioned insoleand a satin cuff. Theyare machine washable.

They are also made from a nice soft plush fabric and users find them to be extremely comfortable, stating that theymake their feet feel less tired than other slippers although they do mention that it takes a few days for them to break-in.

Users really enjoy the thick slip proof sole and review that they are durable, keep your feet warm and look attractive.

They also provide extra cushioning when walking on hard floors and there is some arch support, but not enough for people who specially need to buy slippers with arch support. Finally, they are easy to wash.

Skechers Women’s Fortress Clog Slipper

Skechers Women's Fortress Clog Slipper

At first glance, you might feel a bit intimidated by the chunky looks of these Sketchers Clog Slippers but this is what makes this slipper really sturdy and excellent for short or even longer trips outside.

In fact, people love the appearance of these clogs which look more like shoes, and are very happy with the warmth, stability and comfort they provide even when walking their dog out in the snow.

They come in several different sizes and 3 colors, featuring a suede upper, a rubber lugged sole, faux fur lining with an EVA midsole and an embroidered logo. They are also made in the USA.

Users really appreciate the soft rubber soles that grip well and feel sturdy on the foot. These warm clogs are comfortable, true to size and very stylish. While they are worn mainly as slippers, some women also use them as short boots during the winter months.

Dawgs Women’s Fleece Indoor/Outdoor Fluffy Clog Slippers

Dawgs Women's Fleece Indoor/Outdoor Fluffy Clog Slippers

These Dawgsclog slippers have arch support and overall a good construction which makes them suitable for nurses as well.

They consist of a synthetic upper and a rubber sole with a removable fleece lining which might be a bit tricky to remove in the first place but it just needs a little extra effort.The good thing is that they can also be machine washed.

Users really seem to like these clogs and love the fact that the lining can be removed and washed. They are sturdy as well as warm and offer some support for the arches. They are also good looking and several users do state that they can wear them out of doors for short periods of time.

Dearfoams Women’s Velour Quilted Clog Slippers

These Dearfoams Velour quilted clog slippers look like good quality, soft and comfortable slippers to wear. They come in sizes small, medium, and large as well as 4 different colors.

The quilted design around the edge gives them a hint of stylishness while the multi-density cushioned insole makes them very comfortable. They are made of cotton and the outsole is good for both indoor and outdoor wear.

They can be machine washed in cold water but should be air dried.

Users say that these clogs fit well and feel extremely soft and comfortable on their feet. They are easy to put on and get off, they keep feet warm even in cold winter months, andcan be worn outside. People also like that they can be machine washed.

Isotoner Women’s Terry Clogs

Isotoner Women's Terry Clogs

These Isotoner Women’s Clogs are lightweight clogs that come in several different sizes and 2 colors.

They are made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester with an indoor/outdoor sole. They are a little supportive since they don’t have a hard rigid support. Although they stretch out with use, some people find that they run a little small so it is better to order a size up.

Overall, they fit well, slide on and off easily, and keep people’s feet warm even in cold weather. Users review that they have comfortable padding and they like the non-skid feature and the fact that they are sturdy and they mold to their feet.

They are also machine washable and while some people put them in the dryer, others avoid doing so.

FitFlop Women’s Shuv Felt Clog

FitFlop Women's Shuv Felt Clog

This is a unique looking Felt Clog that looks cozy and comfortable. It is not lined but the fabric feels soft and comfortable. There is also a rubber traction sole which makes it perfect for short trips out.

The microwobble board technology of the midsole gives an underfoot platform which makes walking easier and more comfortable. In addition, the company recommends ordering half a size up of what you normally wear but if you have a narrow foot, it is better to go half a size down.

Users seem to like these felt clogs and find them really cute. They are warm, lightweight and have some support. The sole is also firm enough. People with plantar fasciitis have shared positive feedback about this product and others have reported that these clogs for women do prevent tiredness in feet.

While a lot of users really like this felt indoor footwear saying that they live in these slippers all year round, few others had some issues with the felt wearing off but maybe this depends on the type and amount of use. People also like the fact that these clogs look very nice with slacks and jeans.

Dearfoams Women’s Quilted Terry Clog Mule

Dearfoams Women's Quilted Terry Clog Mule

This Terry Clog Mule looks like a really soft, plush and fluffy slipper to have. It has a skid-resistant outsole and the terrycloth makes it a nice spa slipper or a comfy one to wear at any time.

Users really like these mules and find their thick cushioning very comfortable and soothing to the feet. They are also well built with people commenting that they seem to last for ever, and they feel really soft and nice.

The hard bottom contours around half inch up and that keeps the slipper cleaner and makes it more durable for short walks out. One more positive feature is that it is machine washable.

UltraIdeas Women’s Slip-on Memory Foam Clog Slippers

UltraIdeas Women's Slip-on Memory Foam Clog Slippers These UltraIdeas Clogs look like really cute and comfy slippers to wear. They have 3 layers of memory foam and sponge, and the upper is made of coral velvet. The insole and the underlining are made of plush that feels very soft.

These clogs can absorb perspire and their rubber anti-slip outsole makes them suitable for short trips out as well. Moreover, the company provides a 100% money-back guarantee.

There are a lot of positive comments about these slippers being comfortable and pretty looking but some negative reviews as well. The negative ones mention that there is not much support and that the foam flattens out after some use.

MOXO Women’s & Men’s Coral Fleece Memory Foam Clog Slippers

MOXO Women's & Men's Coral Fleece Memory Foam Clog Slippers These memory foam clogs are soft plush and they have a rubber sole which provides cushioning and comfort but it’s also anti-skid.

They can be machine washed and are available in different shades and sizes for both women and men.

Reviews about this product are somewhat mixed. Some people like them and feel they are very comfortable and soft while others have had issues such as the cushioning becoming flat after some time of use.

Dearfoams Women’s Cable Knit Clog Slipper

Dearfoams Women’s Cable Knit Clog Slipper

These Dearfoams Cable Knit Clog Slippers look really cute, cozy, warm and comfortable. They have plenty of faux-fur lining which makes them look very pretty and a memory foam insole that is guaranteed to last long.

The sweater knit upper that looks really cute makes this slipper a great gift to offer. Users find these knit clogs very cozy and comfortable footwear to use all day long.

They are warm, the cushioning is great and the outsole is sturdy enough. They don’t slip off the feet because they have a closed back and they feel soft.

Dearfoams Women’s Fluffy Terry Clog

Dearfoams Women's Fluffy Terry ClogIf you are into fluffy slippers, these Dearfoams Terry Clogs make a good option. They have a skid-resistant indoor/outdoor sole and are machine washable.

Users like these slippers and find them soft and comfortable. Some of them though mentioned that they run a bit small so they needed to order a size up. People also buy these slippers to offer as gifts.

HomeTop Women’s French Terry Lining Indoor Clog House Slippers

 HomeTop Women's French Terry Lining Indoor Clog House Slippers These HomeTop Clog Slippers look pretty, light and comfy. The lining is made of French Terry cloth that keeps your feet warm as well as dry and makes these slippers a good option not only for winter months but also for autumn and summer.

There are three layers of memory foam and sponge which makes the slipper comfortable and the outsole is made of leather and rubber. It can also be either hand or machine washed and is followed by a 100% money back guarantee.

According to the manufacturer, the multiple sizes and the wide toe design they offer, makes these house clogs suitable for most standard as well as wide foot sizes.

Dearfoams Women’s Velour Clog Slipper with Cuff and Memory Foam

Dearfoams Women's Velour Clog Slipper with Cuff and Memory Foam These Dearfoams women’s slip-on clogs feature polyester uppers with flannel liners and plush pile cuffs that give a nice cozy feel to the slipper. They can be machine washed and are available in six attractive looking colors.

These slippers have become the favorite house shoes of many users who really find them comfortable and warm. They slip on easily and the foam conforms to the foot.

The sole is flexible and good for wearing outdoors. In addition, the colors and the design look beautiful.

HomeTop Men’s & Women’s Micro Suede Indoor Clog House Slippers

HomeTop Men's & Women’s Micro Suede Indoor Clog House Slippers Another clog slipper by HomeTop, this model has a soft micro suede stitched upper and a fleece cuff which adds to the beauty of this clog.

There are three layers of memory foam and sponge, and this footwear can be hand or machine washed. It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

All in all, if you are looking for a good quality, comfy and warm pair of slippers to wear or offer as a gift, this best clog slippers for women review can help you choose the slipper that will be great for you or your loved ones.

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