Awesome Dog Slippers For Women And Men

Dog slippers is an awesome idea to keep your and your loved ones’ feet cozy and fun. They make great gifts especially for dog lovers and feel warm and comfy. They might also attract a bit more of your dog’s or people’s attention but that adds to the fun, right? So, let’s have a look at some great dog slippers for men and women you are going to love!

Happy Feet Women’s and Men’s Bulldog Slipper

Happy Feet Slippers come in a wide variety of fun animal designs including some awesome looking dog slippers. Here, we have the bulldog version which looks so cute and super soft. It is made of polyester and is available in sizes for men, women and kids, so it makes a great fun gift for the whole family. Users find these bulldog slippers very warm, comfortable and real fun. They don’t make the feet sweat and have a slight non-slip bottom which is suitable only for indoor use. People are pleased with the quality and love buying these cute dog slippers for Christmas gifts.

Snoozies Women’s Fleece Lined Footies

These Snoozies Footies are decorated with dog paw prints which look very cute. They also feature a dyed fleece inner and Sherpa lining as well as little rubber grips on the outsole. They are made of polyester and are available in women’s sizes small, medium, large and extra large. In addition, they can be machine washed and dried. Users love these dog paw sippers because they are fun as well as comfortable and stay at a good shape. They are also soft, warm and cozy with a grip bottom. Finally, they wash well and people are pleased with both their quality and fit.

Snoozies Men’s Mancave Classic Splitz Non-Skid Slipper Socks

This is a dog slipper for men by Snoozies which is real fun to lounge around. It is made of soft fleece and is lined with dyed Sherpa. The outsole is made of faux suede and is non-skid. This slipper sock is available in men’s sizes small, medium, large and extra large. In addition, it can be machine washed. There are a number of things users like about these fun dog slippers for men. They are soft and fuzzy on the inside as well as warm without making the feet sweat. They also fit and wash well. They have a non-skid outsole and people have ordered them lots of times without having any complaints.

Happy Feet Women’s and Men’s Sheepdog Slipper

This is another dog slipper by Happy Feet featuring the head of a sheepdog. It is nice and fun to wear guaranteeing that it is not going to pass unnoticed by anyone wherever they belong, either animal or human kingdom. This sheepdog slipper has some nice details which makes it really attractive and awesome to wear, and if you are a fan of one dog breed or another, you can go for different dog slipper versions for the whole family since “Happy Feet” have you covered.

MiYang Women’s Plush Animal Home Slippers

Ok, so this MiYang Women’s dog slipper is seriously cute! Where can I start from? The cute little eyes looking up to you seeking for some threads of attention, the pinkish tongue half coming out of the mouth, the ears or the curly tail? In this case, you might even feel like squeezing your own slippers. Apart from awesome looks, this warm and cozy slipper is made of cotton and has a leather rubber sole with a nice quality and anti-skid ability. In addition, it has wool style lining and can be machine washed in cold water and dried flat but not tumble dried. The manufacturer recommends it even for very wide feet. People review that they are sized well and they are durable, warm, cozy and of course super cute.

MiYang Cute Cat and Dog Warm House Slippers

If you think that a cat and a dog should always go together, then there’s nothing better than picking up a MiYang Cat and Dog house slipper. You can also choose a design with just the dog or the cat. This slipper feels plush inside and is comfy and warm. It is made with cotton and flax, and the sole is rubber. There are various colors available as well as sizes for the whole family. In addition, it can be hand washed in cold water and dried flat. This may not be the best quality slipper you have ever had but users find it really adorable. It fits well and is cozy, comfy and sturdy. It is also easy to slide on and off.

Novelty Plush Animal Bulldog Slippers for Kids & Adults by Silver Lilly

This bulldog slipper by Silver Lilly is available in sizes for kids and for adults, and comes in two colors, grey and dark brown. The plush upper and the padded footbed make this dog footwear very comfy and soft while the dotted outsole provides some grip while lounging around the house. They are made of polyester and are easy to put on and take off. People love these cute and silly looking slippers, and are glad that they are available in sizes both for men and women. They say that they fit well and are overall comfortable, warm but not super warm, and of course super cute. People love buying them for presents.

Paw Print Slippers by PupLife

These paw print slippers look really fluffy and pretty. They have memory foam and are quite roomy. They are loose on the top and have the “I sleep with dogs” message embroidered across the heel, which adds beauty to this product. Some people describe this dog paw slipper as the most comfortable slipper they have ever had. The memory foam is of a good thickness and overall this cute home footwear is very cushy and soft, making users unwilling to take these slippers off. They also review that they are well made.

Snoozies Women’s Classic Splitz Applique Slipper Socks

Whether you are a dachshund fan or simply a dog lover, you can’t just ignore these Snoozie Applique Women’s slippers. In fact, there are two more dog designs available which look similarly cute and in a different color. These mule home slippers feature cushioned soles as well as outsoles with rubber knobs. They come in women’s sizes small, medium, large and X-Large, and can be machine washed, but it is better to turn them inside out before putting them in the washing machine. People love this home footwear because it looks adorable, is comfortable and feels very soft. It forms well to the feet and also washes well.

Husky Slippers

These Husky Slippers are perfect for Husky lovers. They feature 1″ sole padding and come in adult sizes both for women and men. More specifically, they come up to a Women’s 12 and a Men’s 10. In addition, they feature polyester faux fur and have some nice details such as the eyes, nose, ears and tail. The dog is at a sitting position which also looks very cute. Users say that they fit well, keep their feet warm and look super cute. They also make a great birthday gift or any other occasion.

HomeTop Dog Microfiber Mop Cleaning House Slippers

If you think that slippers are only to keep your feet warm and comfy, then this HomeTop Slipper is here to refresh the way you think about slippers. Why? Because this is a mop cleaning house slipper due to its microfiber fingers that can catch hair and dust from all kinds of floors including tile, wood and vinyl. The manufacturer even suggests that it is suitable for absorbing water and drying the floor, and offers the idea of using these slippers when you are feeling too lazy to start swiffering. Whether this works for you or not, still it is not a bad idea to do some floor dusting while you move in the house especially if you have pets, but the other side of the coin is that you may need to wash them more than often if you use them a lot for this purpose. They are machine washable. Other than that, this doggy lightweight slipper looks cute and is the only slipper in this review that is followed by a manufacturer 100% money back guarantee. It is only available in large size which, according to the company, fits most women but especially women whose shoe size is 8-9.

Plush Pug Dog Slippers by Silver Lilly

If a pug is the love of your life, you might find extremely cute to wear these pug slippers. They feature a plush upper, a padded footbed and traction dots on the outsole. In addition, there are various sizes available both for men and women. People love to offer these cute animal slippers as gifts. They fit well and find them adorable and warm. Although few of them would prefer a bit more of a cushion on the bottom, they don’t see this as much of an issue.

Whimiscal Ladies Animal Character Slip On Slippers

If you are looking for really cheap dog slippers, this dog slip on slipper is a good option to go for. It is made of polyester and looks very cute. It also has a dotted outsole and is available in women’s sizes small, medium, large and extra large. People are pleased with their purchase and most of them recommend ordering one size smaller.

HW-GOODS Men’s and Women’s Dog Print Scuff Slippers

This dog scuff slipper has a 3D print on the upper and is made by cotton and some velvety material which is supposed to be breathable. The sole is non-slip. People like this dog footwear and say that it feels warm and fuzzy but it may not be so suitable for people with narrow feet.

Agowoo Men’s and Women’s Dog Matching Couples Slippers

These Dog slippers look cute and are available in men’s and women’s sizes. They are synthetic and easy to slip on. Users find them adorable as well as comfortable and they recommend them for indoor use.

Plush Pomeranian Dog Slippers by Silver Lilly

Silver Lilly offers lots of different dog slippers, and this Pomeranian dog slipper is one of the many I had to include in this list since it looks really cute. The features of this indoor dog slipper are the same as with the other designs presented above, and there are sizes for both adults and kids (Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.) Users love this footwear because it looks super cute and it’s comfortable, warm, comfy and soft. They also like that it doesn’t feel too hot. In conclusion, if you or your loved ones are dog lovers, there is no better fun gift than an awesome dog slipper, and in this review we have included different versions of dog slippers both for men and women. I hope you like them.. woof!

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