20 Best Fun Slippers For Kids

If your kid refuses to wear slippers, then it is a good idea to go for a pair of fun slippers that they will love and just refuse to take off their feet. This way, their feet will be protected and warm during that cold weather.

So, finding the best fun slippers for kids will make them happy and if you choose a fun slipper for adults to wear yourself as well, you can all spend some really enjoyable moments together as a family.

In addition, fun slippers make great gifts that kids always remember and endlessly enjoy, encouraging lots of imaginative play.

Let´s have a look, then, at some cute and fun designs of slippers for kids.

Wishpets Bear Paw Slippers

There is no slippers that kids love more than big fuzzy slippers, and what could be more fun than slippers that make your kids feet look like giant bear paws! Wishpets bear paw slippers are great slippers for your child to wear when the weather outside is cold and blustery.

They come in child’s small, are made from shaggy polyester and feature thick foam cushioning to make your child feel like they are walking on clouds. The textured toes give a more realistic look to the paws.

These cool slippers are warm and cozy. They can be worn every day and make the perfect addition to any bear costume.

Star Wars Little Boys Slippers

These Star Wars slippers will provide your kid with some fun time playing and enjoying themselves while at the same time keeping their feet warm.

They come in select sizes of either storm trooper or Darth Vader and have a non-slip bottom with little rubber dots.

They are synthetic, soft, cushy and comfortable. They fit well and stay on the feet well so children will wear them for longer periods. They are durable and keep their feet warm.

Happy Feet Animal Slippers

Whatever animal you like for your animal fun slipper, it is true that Happy Feet animal slippers have you covered!

In fact, you might find it difficult to choose among so many wonderful looking styles and the great thing is that there are sizes for the whole family, so you can all engage in some awesome playing.

For the moment, I chose the slipper with the koala because who wouldn’t want to squeeze and always have on their feet a lovely pair of insanely cute koalas but I like the giraffe, the sheepdog and many more as well.

For kids, there are all sorts of fun and playful designs to choose from and there are also some options that are perfect for Christmas gifts.

Yinggg Unisex Emoji Slippers

These Yinggg unisex Emoji slippers feel comfortable as well as warm and come with your choice of various expressions that are really cute and fun.

They are made from plush soft velvet and are extremely soft and roomy with a soft foam bottom for added comfort and warmth. In addition, they have non-skid soles and are wear resistant and well fitting.

They can also cause everyone who sees them to smile and may even elicit a giggle or two!

Disney Lightning McQueen Cars Slipper

These eye catching bright red Lightning McQueen cars slippers are real attention getters that any child who loves Disney Cars movies will love.

They come in several sizes and are made from plush fabric with sewn on wheels and a cute hood design. They have lots of details and are super cute.

These slippers stay on your child’s feet and have nicely cushioned and thick bottoms. They are well made, quite durable and so cute that your child would simply not resist wearing them.

Wishpets Slippers

These Wishpets slippers come in kids sizes 1 through 7. They are available in various colors and represent several different animal paws or feet including those of a brown grizzly bear, black bear or white polar bear, penguin, tiger, turtle, leopard, tiger and more.

Made from furry polyester, they are cute and warm, and not only make a great accessory to a costume, but are extremely fun to wear every day.

The cushiony bottom also makes them comfortable and warm keeping those little toes toasty warm.

ACORN Easy Critter Kids Bootie Slipper

These Acorn Bootie Slippers come in different really adorable and fun designs, but for the moment they are only available in toddler sizes.

They are well made and feature a rubber sole with a non-slip tread, a spa terry upper, and a cushioning insole for extra comfort. A hidden elastic makes them stay on the toddler´s feet and the bootie style provides additional warmth. They can also be machine washed in cold water.

Since I can´t seem to take my eyes off the ladybug slippers, I think that Acorn should seriously think about offering these cute booties in adult sizes as well.

Trimfit Boys Robot Boot Slippers

These robot boot slippers are a big hit with kids who seem to engage in endless imaginative play wearing them.

They are made of plush polyester and have a flexible and quite sticky outsole made of silicone. They are soft and warm on the inside and fit well.

People like that they don´t light up or make any noise and they are perfect for dressing up as well.

Despicable Me Minions Blue/Yellow Slipper

For children who love minions, this is one of the most adorable minion slippers you can find. The googly eyes move around when the child moves and the attached bear looks really cute.

They are overfilled which makes them cushy and look like a plush toy which makes them even more attractive for kids.

They are also warm and soft and people are pleased with their quality. In addition, they run true to size.

Nickelodeon Mutant Plush Slipper

These Ninja Turtle Slippers are synthetic and easy to slip on. They are also comfortable and kids love wearing them for hours. The outsole has tiny rubber dots.

Nevertheless, few people didn´t like the fact that although the whole slipper looks very fluffy, the bottom is thin and not fluffy at all.

Batman Batmobile Slipper

For Batman´s little fans, these Batman batmobile slippers seem perfect. They feature slightly slip resistant outsoles and a sock top which keeps them on.

Kids don´t have a problem walking in them but they seem to have a problem taking them off their feet when they go to bed. The bottom is plush and not thinnish and the slipper is warm and comfortable even for wider feet.

Stride Rite Little Girls Fuchsia Magic Pony Slippers

These pony slippers are really cute and fun for little pony fans. They feature a textile upper, which makes them soft, and a faux suede outsole.

With its fluffy hair, this slipper is sure going to keep your little one busy for some time and might even become their favourite slipper.

In addition, it is comfortable, warm and easy to slip on but few people found that it’s a bit longer and wider than what they would like.

La Plage Child Lamb Anti-Skid Cotton Bootie Slipper

These cute lamb bootie slippers come in a cream color and several select sizes. They are made from rubber with a slip resistant leather and a rubber sole. The bootie is covered in a soft gentle fabric.

They are also easy to wash in a machine, soft as well as comfortable, very warm, and they hold their shape extremely well.

While most children do love wearing these lambs, a few younger children prefer to carry them around like a stuffed animal rather than put them on their feet.

Happy Feet DreamWorks Slippers

If you and your little one are DreamWorks lovers, then these Happy Feet Slippers depicting favourite characters is a fun idea for slippers for the whole family.

They are good quality, very comfortable with a thick cushioned base as well as warm.

Stride Rite Boy’s Light-Up Mouth Shark Slipper

This shark slipper looks like a super cool and fun slipper to have and even play with when not wearing it. It is made of 100% cotton and the elasticized collar makes it stay on the feet well.

Kids and adults love that the mouth of the shark lights up while adults also like that it has good traction as well as a cushioning which is particularly useful for cold floors.

It is also easy to put on and off but the company doesn´t recommend it for children that are under 3 years old because it contains small parts. People love offering these slippers as gifts.

Marvel Captain America Slipper

For super hero little guys, this pair of Captain America slippers is a great option. They are 100% synthetic and have a thick sole which makes them comfortable. The outsole has small rubber dots for a bit of a grip.

They feel soft and warm and for kids who love super heroes, this is a super fun slipper to have which guarantees that your kid will not want to take it off.

Sports Warm Fleece Scuff Slippers

For kids who love football, baseball or soccer, these sports scuff slippers is a good idea. They are made of soft plush fleece and feature tough bottoms that have a little grip.

They are warm and comfortable but some people don´t like the open back which makes them sometimes slip off when their kid walks.

Also, many people recommend ordering one size up.

Trimfit Girls Rainbow Plush Fuzzy Paw Slippers

These Rainbow Plush Fuzzy paw slippers look extremely cute for young girls. They come in kid’s sizes 4 to 8 years and are made from 100% polyester.

They have a fabric sole, an elastic collar at the ankle, 3D nails and a non-skid bottom. They are warm and comfortable and stay on your child’s feet well. The rainbow colors are done in soft pastels and look very pretty and bright.

Stride Rite Glow In The Dark T-Rex Skull Slip On

T-Rex is a favourite of many and especially for dino-fanatic kids, these T-Rex slippers are super fun. They are also very comfortable and the faux fur lining makes them extra warm.

The only disadvantage that few people mentioned though is that they don’t glow in the dark as the product’s description indicates.

Stride Rite Kids’ Lighted Fire Rescue-K

For kids who like trucks, this pair of Fire Rescue-K slippers looks like a cool idea especially since the truck does have even lights that flicker when the child moves. It is a great attention getter and kids love wearing them all the time.

The elasticized ankle keeps them on the feet well while the slipper is also comfortable, soft and anti-slip.

All in all, these best fun slippers for kids make great gifts for any occasion and there is a greater possibility that kids will wear fun slippers that they love and keep them on their feet.