Best House Slippers For Hardwood Floors For Men And Women

Best House Slippers For Hardwood Floors For Men And Women

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Hardwood floors are beautiful additions to any home, but they can also pose problems for people’s feet. Hard floors can make tired and achy feet ache more and all too often, house slippers will slip on this type of flooring and can result in falls and injuries.

The best slippers for hardwood floors are those slippers that are anti-skid and have enough cushioning to provide a buffer between your feet and that hard wooden floor.

So, here is a look at some of the best house slippers for hardwood floors for men and women.

Acorn Women’s Faux Chinchilla Collar Slipper

Acorn Women's Faux Chinchilla Collar Slipper

These Acorn faux Chinchilla Collar Slippers come in sizes small, medium, large, X-Large and XX-Large as well as your choice of cranberry, black, and stone (gray).

They feature a synthetic upper and rubber sole. In addition, they are fully lined and have a cushioned layer of lightweight EVA. The Faux chinchilla collar adds a touch of softness and elegance to this footwear.

Product reviews are very positive and users find that these slippers fit well and cushion the foot nicely. They are also easy to put on and take off, warm and quality made.

Acorn Men’s Rambler Mule Slipper

Acorn Men's Rambler Mule Slipper

These Acorn Men’s Rambler Mule slippers are available in sizes 7 through 13 and your choice of chocolate, gray ragg wool, olive plaid and olive tweed.

They feature a wool blend and bleached sheep upper, a rubber sole and water repellent sidewall.

Users review that they are comfortable, warm, well made and well-fitting. Besides, they like the fact that the fluffy inside soothes sore feet.

UGG Women’s Tasman Slipper

UGG Women's Tasman Slipper

The UGG Women’s Tasman slipper comes in sizes 5 through 12 and in three colors, chestnut, black and chocolate.

They feature a cowhide suede upper, dyed sheep fur lining, a rubber sole, EVA outsole, and nylon binding.

Users love the fact that these UGGs are comfortable, warm and great on any surface including hardwood floors. They can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper

UGG Men's Ascot Slipper

These UGG Men’s Ascot slippers are available in sizes 7 through 18 and a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

They feature a suede leather upper and rubber sole with dyed sheep pure wool lining. They are nice looking and sturdy.

Reviews for this footwear are extremely good with users stating that these slippers are attractive, cozy, comfortable and easy to care for. They like the sheepskin lining and find that they are breathable and well made.

HomeIdeas Women’s Classic Memory Foam Plush House Slippers

HomeIdeas Women's Classic Memory Foam Plush House Slippers

These HomeIdeas Women’s Plush House slippers come in sizes small, medium, Large and X-large and your choice of gray, blue or pink.

They are 95% cotton and 5% spandex and have an open heel as well as memory foam cushioning. In addition, they are easy to put on and take off as well as lightweight.

Users review that they are stylish, comfortable, warm, and nicely cushioned. They stay on your feet well and are good on cold floors.

Minnetonka Men’s Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper

Minnetonka Men's Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper

These Minnetonka Men’s Slippers are available in sizes 7-13 and in colors tan, chocolate, brown, black and gray.

They feature suede leather, a synthetic sole made for indoor/outdoor use, around the collar lacing and a soft fleece lining.

Users find them to be durable, comfortable, warm, sturdy and easy to put on and take off. The hard sole grips wooden floors, preventing slipping.

Skechers BOBS Women’s Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper

Skechers BOBS Women's Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper

These Ice Angel slippers by Skechers come in sizes 5 through 11 and your choice of chocolate, black and taupe.

They feature a cable nit upper and rubber sole with a faux fur collar and thicker soles.

Users say that they are cute, warm, cozy and nicely constructed. They also like the soles and the dense fur lining as well as the fact that there is some foot support.

ChicNChic Women’s Cotton Knit Anti-Slip House Slipper

ChicNChic cotton knit house slippers

These ChicNChic cotton knit house slippers are available in sizes 6-6.5, 7-7.5, 8-9.5 and your choice of gray/pink or pink.

They feature a knit upper and velvet lining with a TPR anti-slip sole. They also wash well.

Users like the fact that this house footwear fits well and is comfortable and non-slip even on wood floors. It is also warm, pretty and soft.

HomeTop Men’s and Women’s Memory Foam Slippers

HomeTop Men's and Women's Memory Foam SlippersYou can find these HomeTop memory foam slippers for men and women in sizes 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12. The colors available are burgundy, black or navy blue.

This product features a tweed and suede upper and a sherpa insole with memory foam cushioning and an anti-skid rubber sole.

Users find these fuzzy slip-ons to be comfortable, cozy and warm. They have sturdy bottoms and light cushioning while the rubber soles make them good for wearing on wood floors and out of doors.

Dearfoams Men’s Memory Foam Slippers

Dearfoams Men's Memory Foam SlippersThese Dearfoams slippers come in sizes of small, medium, large and X-large. You can choose among three options of color: chestnut, coffee or black.

This product features a microfiber upper and pile lining with a multi-density memory foam insole.

Users like the fact that it fits well, it is warm and has good soles and soft cushioning.

Minnetonka Women’s Chesney Scuff Slippers

Minnetonka Women's Chesney Scuff Slippers

These Minnetonka Women’s Chesney Scuff Slippers come in sizes 5 through 11 and in your choice of chocolate and cinnamon.

They feature a suede upper and rubber sole and have a pine lining and a textured trim on the collar. They are also easy to slide on.

Users review that they are comfortable, sturdy, and warm. They like that the rubber soles are good on hard floors and the fact that this product sells for a great price.

Dearfoams Women’s Quilted Terry Clog Mule Slipper

Dearfoams Women's Quilted Terry Clog Mule Slipper

These Dearfoams Women’s Terry Clog Mules are available in sizes small, medium, large and X-large. The colors you can choose from are black, fresh pink, iceberg, medium gray and peacoat.

These padded cloth slip-ons feature a microfiber upper with satin padding, a skid-resistant rubber sole and memory foam cushioning with an indoor/outdoor sole.

Reviews for these mule slippers are very positive with people saying that this footwear fits well and is comfortable. It is washable and has excellent cushioning.

What To Look For When Buying Slippers For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor slippers

Adequate Support

Hardwood floor does not bend or flex so your feet need some flexibility otherwise the arches can collapse if you are standing or walking for extended periods. Wearing slippers with adequate support in the arch will reinforce a collapsing arch and relieve foot pain and fatigue.

This is particularly true for people who suffer from painful foot issues. For example, people suffering from plantar fasciitis pain need supportive indoor footwear to minimize the excessive motion of the foot and reduce strain to the long plantar ligament (a fibrous tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes along your foot’s bottom). A cushioned insole will also minimize the irritation caused by inflammation in the tissues.

Besides, people with high arched feet will highly benefit from using an arch support slipper or orthotic inserts. These types of products reduce the excessive amount of weight that is centered in the heel area. By spreading it over the whole foot, they relieve the pain and make your step more stable.

Good Cushioning

Generally, a padded footbed is good for anyone who is walking on hardwood, but the type of cushioning you will need depends on whether you suffer from a foot problem or not. For example, if your work involves standing the whole day on your feet but you don’t suffer from any foot condition, a soft cushy memory foam insole will normally offer the relief you are seeking for your tired feet.

However, if you suffer from arch pain due to a foot problem you will want to look for a pair of orthotic arch support slippers to give you that extra support your foot needs.

Alternatively, you can buy a pair of orthotic insoles if your slipper’s insole can be removed or if it is too thin in which case you can add another one on top.

Right Fit

Wearing slippers that feel narrow and tight can increase foot pain and fatigue, so it is important to wear something that fits properly. Choose the right size and width and look for a shoe with a wide toe box if you suffer from bunions, hammertoes or other foot deformities.


If your house is drafty, expect hardwood flooring to feel cold in the winter months. You will certainly want to keep a warm slipper under the bed.

Anti-Scratch Outsole

To keep your floor blemish-free, look for an outsole that does not leave any marks on the wood. Read people’s reviews and find if they are talking about this issue.

Anti-Skid Sturdy Construction

To avoid slipping on the floor, look for an anti-slip shoe that stays on the feet and has a sturdy construction.

In conclusion, if you have hardwood floors in your home and want a pair of comfortable anti-skid slippers to wear when at home, then one of the best house slippers for hardwood floors for men and women in this review may fit the bill.