Best Men’s Leather Slippers

Best Men’s Leather Slippers

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Looking for a quality, durable, and stylish slipper to pamper your feet when at home? There are many reasons to choose leather! Leather is a natural material that is breathable and won’t make your feet sweat like those synthetic materials. It is also very durable and robust offering great protection against injuries of the foot.

Leather is flexible and as it tends to soften over time, it becomes even more comfortable and foot-friendly. No doubt it looks stylish and pleasing to the eye so it makes a great gift as well.

With proper care, it is a material that will stand the test of time making you and your feet super happy! Here are the best men’s leather slippers.

UGG Men’s Leather Moccasin Slippers

UGG Moccasin leather suede slippers

UGG is a brand that is well-known for its top-quality footwear that combines style, durability, and comfort. This Ascot slipper is no exception. This is a beautiful moccasin style shoe with a natural wool lining that feels warm and soft. The wool insole provides comfort and wicks away moisture.

The suede leather upper looks stylish and well-made. It is also water-resistant but not waterproof – to the best of my knowledge, no suede is. To prevent it from wearing out as quickly and avoid water stains, there are special products to keep the leather supple and soft and provide it with some sun protection.

This UGG moc slipper comes with a rubber outsole that is good for indoor and outdoor wear. You can select among many different colors and there is a non-suede version as well. Users love this shoe and say it is super comfortable, warm, and very durable. It also fits well but it may need a short break-in period as it feels a bit tight at first. Most people have found that it is not necessary to size up.

Acorn Men’s Leather Sheepskin Bootie Slipper

Leather bootie slippers

Keeping your feet and ankles cozy during cold is easy with this Acorn leather sheepskin bootie slipper. The natural wool lining hugs your feet luxuriously and keeps them warm while the sheepskin prevents sweating and odor build-up.

The insole is cushiony and feels like walking on a cloud while the gum rubber outsole is good for quick trips out to get the mail or take the garbage out.

Users like how well-fitted and solidly made this footwear is. It is easy on and off and feels super comfy to wear.

UGG Men’s Leather Clog Slippers

Leather clog slippers

In the world of slippers, some can’t hold your attention for more than a couple of seconds and there are others that you can’t take your eyes off them. Understandably, UGG Neuman clogs belong to the second category.

The soft suede upper is beautifully complemented by the Tasman braid collar, nice stitching, and natural lamb fur lining that looks luxurious and feels super cozy and warm.

These UGGs are high-quality shoes with a thick non-slip outsole. Users love how warm, comfy, and durable they are and feel that they are well worth the price as they do last for years.

Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge Slipper

Sorel leather slippers

One of the most popular leather slippers out there, Sorel combines warm comfort and durability. The soft suede upper protects your feet nicely and keeps them warm while the whipstitched moc toe design and the debossed logo add style to the shoe.

The outsole is thick yet flexible and does not create any noise when worn on hardwood floors. These lightweight mules fit well but you may need to give them a little time to contour to the foot and arch of your feet.

One other thing we like is that the insole is removable so you can add an insert of your preference for some additional support if needed. The lining is faux-fur and the sole is rubber for good traction.

Minnetonka Men’s Double Deerskin Moccasins

Deerskin leather slippers for men

If you like soft sole leather slippers that provide a barefoot feel, these Minnetonka moccasins are great. They are handmade from two layers of natural deerskin leather for long-lasting comfort and durability.

The leather feels soft and it stretches to the contours of your foot so it fits snugly and feels comfortable as you wear it. These authentic moccasins run true to size and they are lightweight. They are easy to slip in and out and perfect for warm weather.

Users love how durable, soft and comfy they are. To extend their life span (since these don’t come with a rubber outsole) most users prefer to wear them indoors.

Men’s Leather Scuff Slippers

Genuine Leather Men's Slippers

These leather scuff slippers come in sizes 7 through 16 and in black. Made from genuine leather with a rubber non-skid sole, this European made footwear with contrast stitching is both attractive and wearable.

Customer reviews for this product are very good. Most users find that it is well-fitting and comfortable. They like its looks and the fact that it is sturdy and has some ventilation. It also sells for a good price.

Rohde Mule Leather Slippers

Rohde Men's Mule Leather Slippers

These leather mules are available in European sizes 41 through 46 in black. They feature a leather upper and a rubber sole with elastic inserts for a better fit. There is a memory foam footbed as well, and the soles are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Users review that they are extremely comfortable and nice looking. They fit well and the leather is of high quality.

L.B. Evans Men’s Aristocrat Scuff Slipper

L.B. Evans Men's Aristocrat Scuff Slipper

These L.B. Evans Aristocrat scuff slippers come in black and size 7 through 10. They feature a leather upper and sole, and they are easy to slip on and off. The company does suggest that you order ½ to a full size bigger than what you normally wear to ensure the best possible fit.

Product reviews are very positive. The majority of users find this leather footwear to be comfortable and stylish. It fits well and stays on the foot. The leather is good quality and feels soft.

V.J Men’s Genuine Leather Slippers

Classic Handsewn Genuine Leather House Slippers

These handsewn genuine leather house slippers are available in sizes 6.5 through 11.5 and your choice of white, yellow, blue and black. They feature a leather punch upper and a rubber anti-slip sole. They have detailed stitching and an antimicrobial lining.

Most users review that they fit well and look good on the feet. They are comfortable and made from nice leather. They are easy to wear as well as lightweight and come in several nice colors.

Faux Leather Moccasin Slippers

VLLY Leather Moccasin slippers

These faux leather house slippers with fur come in sizes medium (8-9) large (9.5-10.5) and X-large (13) as well as your choice of colors between black and brown. Made from artificial leather with a rubber sole, they are nice looking and highly functional.

Users review that they are warm with a soft lining. They are also comfortable and easy to slip on and off. Finally, they fit well and look great on the feet.

Calfskin Leather Slippers

Calfskin leather slippers

These black leather slippers are available in sizes 7-13. They are made in Europe and feature fine leather uppers with a non-skid sole. The leather used in making this footwear is incredibly soft.

Users find them to be nice looking, comfortable, durable, and well made. They fit great and sell for a good price.

Romika Mokasso 202 Men’s Black Leather Slipper

Romika Mokasso 202 Men's Black Leather Slipper

This backless slip-on footwear comes in European sizes 39-50 and features a leather upper and a rubber sole with a cotton terry insole. It also has some arch support that some users need.

Most reviewers say that these clog style slippers are nice looking, comfortable, durable, and well made. They fit well and several people have owned them for years.

L.B. Evans Men’s Aristocrat Opera Slipper

L.B. Evans Men's Aristocrat Opera Slipper

These soft sole leather moccasin slippers are sold in sizes 7-7.5, 9-11, and 12-13 as well as your choice of color between black and brown. They feature a leather upper and sole, and they are leather lined with a padded insole.

Users find them to be soft, cozy, and comfortable. They look good and are well made. They also stretch a bit and the arch support is a plus.

Sheepskin Slippers By Reindeer Leather

Men's Cowhide Indoor House Slippers

These Reindeer Leather slippers are a clog style and come in a size 7.5 as well as your choice of multi-colored, black and gray (with brown). They feature full-grain genuine sheepskin leather and a synthetic rubber outsole.

Users review that they are comfortable and fit well. They wear well, look good, and have nice support with the leather being reasonably soft. Finally, they are reasonably priced.

Open-Toe Leather Slippers

Clog style leather slippers

These Bosaco slippers are available in sizes 9 through 11 and in your choice of black, brown, and graphite. They are made in Europe and feature a leather upper and leather inner sections with an EVA sole.

Most users say that these slip-on are comfortable to wear and surprisingly cheap.

Types Of Leather Slippers

Hardwood floor slippers


Cowhide is the most used and popular leather. It is thick yet soft and flexible. Since it is difficult to tear and abrasion-resistant, it makes excellent indoor and outdoor slippers that are built to last.


Calfskin comes from the skin of the young cattle. It feels luxuriously soft and smooth to the touch and is scratch resistant but it does not have the strength of the cowhide. However, it is a fairly durable type of leather. Calfskin slippers may also be more sensitive to stains than cowhide slippers.


When comparing the strength of the leather that comes from mammals, deerskin is the toughest. It holds an excellent balance between durability and thickness, and it is also stretchy and extremely soft. On the downside, deerskin slippers can be expensive. Deerskin also feels a bit heavier than other types of leather.

Sheepskin or shearling

Sheepskin is also known as shearling or lambskin. Sheepskin slippers may feature wool-lining or leather lining on the inside and sheepskin leather for the upper of the shoe. The soft interior provides warmth and comfort while the exterior looks stylish and elegant.

Besides, sheepskin is quite lightweight and supple. It is thinner than cowhide as well as softer. It also contains lanolin, a waxy substance found in the sebaceous glands of animals with wool. According to Wikipedia, lanolin protects the skin and the wool from the environment and the climate.

Therefore, sheepskin slippers can regulate temperature naturally so your feet stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is a breathable material that controls moisture drawing the sweat away from the skin into the fibers. But there’s more to it. Lanolin is also widely used for the treatment and beauty care of the skin, which means that sheepskin is a great material for the hygiene and health of your skin.

For an outdoor slipper, sheepskin may not be as resistant to staining and tearing as cowhide and while it can naturally repel rainwater or moisture superficially, it is not fully waterproof. Avoid exposing your footwear to harsh weather conditions. Also, remember that proper care of your sheepskin slippers can increase their life span.

Buffalo Leather

Buffalo leather slippers are made from buffalo hide. This leather is stiffer and more durable than cowhide so using it to make shoes and slippers makes perfect sense.

Goat Skin

Goatskin is a very popular type of leather as it is fairly affordable but there are a lot of other advantages to it. Goat leather is a very porous material so it is soft and breathable. It is also very flexible and cool, making it great for sweaty feet.

Although goatskin softens with time, it stays durable and comfortable for the feet.


Suede is a term used to describe the surface look of the leather. It derives from the underside of the animal’s skin which is softer and more flexible. To become even softer, it is sanded and that’s how it gets that beautiful napped finish and velvety texture your suede slippers have.

Commonly suede hides include lamb as well as calf, goat, deer, and cow.

Faux Leather

As the name implies, faux is an artificial type of leather that is intended to substitute for genuine leather when the latter is very expensive or unsuitable.

Synthetic leather doesn’t stretch or soften with time. It is also less durable and tear-resistant than genuine leather. As it is not a breathable material, it is not a good option for warmer months or for people whose feet tend to sweat and get easily hot.

What To Look For When Buying Leather Slippers

Type of leather

Choosing your slipper based on animal hide it is made from is one option. As we have seen before, there are many types of leather to choose from. Some are softer, more flexible, and more durable than others or they are easier to care for so you may want to weigh the different features of each leather before you make your decision.

If you choose a slipper based on the surface look, you may either go for suede or soft leather. Again, you may want to dig into the pros and cons of each option before you decide.


There are different types of lining in leather slippers. The natural sheepskin fur lining is super warm, cozy and comfortable. It is also breathable and has light anti-bacterial properties. While faux-fur lining is cozy and warm, it is a synthetic material so it is not as breathable as the natural lining.

For warmer months, you may want to choose a shoe that doesn’t have any fur lining. In this case, there are options with leather lining.


For outdoor wear, choose a leather slipper with a rubber outsole that will protect both your feet and the shoe itself from damage. It is also better in terms of anti-skid protection.

For indoor use, you don’t necessarily need a rubber outsole. However, it is a useful feature to have in terms of support, stability, and anti-slip protection especially when you are walking on hardwood, tile, or marble floors.


From scuff slippers to booties, moccasins or open-toe ones, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor leather slippers to match your style and preference.

Easy to care

Depending on the material of the lining and the upper, some slippers are easier to keep clean and fresh than others. Thus, easy-care may be one of the factors you want to consider before buying.

How To Clean Leather Slippers

How To Clean And Deodorize Smelly Sheepskin Slippers

Caring for leather slippers is not difficult but it comes with its challenges as the leather cannot be machine washed or hand washed.

Most slippers come with some basic care instructions provided by the manufacturer but they don’t provide detailed information. So how do you go about caring for your slippers the best way? A basic rule is that the method of cleaning you follow should be according to the type of leather your shoe is made from. What is right for one type of leather might damage another.

If you are wearing your slippers mainly inside, you might only need to brush them once in a while to remove dust and freshen up the inside. If you get some oil stains, you will need to act fast and remove them. The treatment will depend on the type of leather. Generally, avoid using aggressive solvents or rubbing too hard if the stain is not getting removed because you can cause damage.

Some people think that suede slippers are the most difficult to maintain but this is not always true. If you don’t expose this leather to too much water, then maintaining it is super easy. Brushing it regularly with a soft brush will keep the nap soft and fluffy.

If you are wearing your sheepskin slippers outside, use a gentle brush to remove the dirt or an eraser for the more stubborn stains. To remove oil or grease stains, some people recommend applying cornstarch to the affected areas. Leave it on overnight and brush it off the next day. Seek a professional cleaning solution, if the stains refuse to come off.

If your slippers get wet, gently dab them with some white paper towel and allow them to dry at ambient temperature away from direct sunlight or a radiator. Otherwise, the leather will get stiff. To protect the suede from dirt and water, you can also apply a suede protector spray.

All in all, if you are looking for a nice pair of stylish comfy slippers, one of the best leather slippers for men in this review should fit the bill.