Best Slippers For Flat Feet For Men And Women

Best Slippers For Flat Feet For Men And Women

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How to choose the best slippers for flat feet

If you have flat feet, then you know how standing on your feet all day can make you feel tired and worn out. Having a pair of good slippers that offers sufficient arch and heel support, helping to relieve the pain and tiredness of flat feet can make a world of difference and help you get through those long days.

So, here is a look at some of the best slippers for men and women with flat feet.

Orthofeet Capri Women’s Orthopedic Leather Moccasins

Orthofeet Capri Women's Orthopedic Leather Moccasins

The Orthofeet comfortable Capri moccasins provide relief for flat feet due to the orthotic insole with the anatomical arch and cushioned heel pad.

These moccasin slippers alleviate heel, foot, knee and back pain as well as ease stress on the joints. The non-binding upper makes it more comfortable for people who suffer from swelling feet. This footwear not only relieves flat feet but also the pain caused by arthritic feet, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions.

Users really like these shoes and review that they look and fit well. They also find them to be well made and comfortable and say that they relieve pain and have nice thick soles.

Orthofeet Asheville Men’s Orthopedic Brown Leather Slippers

Orthofeet Asheville Men’s Orthopedic Brown Leather Slippers

These Orthofeet Asheville Slippers for men feature an anatomical arch support and cushioned heel pad, which is good for flat feet alleviating heel and foot pain and even helping with lower back pain.

This is an extra deep slipper which has a wide toe box, interior which is seam free and an air cushioned and lightweight sole. It is especially designed for a wide number of foot problems.

Orthofeet Orthopedic Leather Slippers for Women

Orthofeet Orthopedic Leather Slippers for women

This Orthofeet women’s slipper is specially designed for different foot problems including flat feet. They feature an orthotic insole with anatomical arch support and an air cushioned insole which is lightweight and conforms to the foot when you walk.

This stable footwear is made to alleviate foot and heel pain, ease stress on joints and make your every step more comfortable.

Spenco Men’s Supreme Slide Slipper

Spenco Men's Supreme Slide Slipper

Spenco Men’s Supreme slide slipper is made from leather and faux fur and has a deep heel cup and Orthotic arch support with a metatarsal dome that alleviates forefoot pressure. It also has a synthetic sole.

Users like this footwear and find it to be well made and to have excellent arch support. It is easy to get on and take off, and can be worn for hours without foot pain. In addition, it is comfortable and has soft insides while easing the pain of flat feet.

Acorn Women’s Faux Chinchilla Collar Slipper

Acorn Women's Faux Chinchilla Collar Slipper

The Acorn Faux Chinchilla collar slipper features a synthetic upper and rubber sole and the inside is fully lined with faux chinchilla. It also has a memory foam midsole and a raised heel and arch with a weather proof outsole.

Users like this product because it is warm and comfortable, and it has a nicely cushioned footbed. Several users have found that it holds up great and is easy to break in. They also like the fact that these slippers are not full slippers and not the mule type. One more thing they are pleased about is that they have no stitching around the toes.

Foamtreads Men’s Extra-Depth Wool Slippers

Foamtreads Men's Extra-Depth Wool Slippers

These Foamtreads slippers are best for swollen feet since they have different Velcro straps for an adjustable fit but we selected them as slippers for flat feet due to the long lasting heel-to-toe cushioning they provide, which makes them very comfortable.

In addition, the genuine wool upper makes them pleasantly warm and the material is anti-bacterial and anti-odor. The outsole is non-marking and made of rubber. Finally, you can hand wash and air dry them. Users really like this footwear and it is also a good option if you keep support wraps around your ankle and foot.

Orthaheel Vionic by Women’s Gemma Slipper

Orthaheel Vionic by Women's Gemma Slipper

These Orthaheel Vionic Gemma Slippers are podiatrist designed with a contoured arch support, a heel cup which is deep and an EVA midsole to absorb sock. This is a supportive slipper with a terrycloth upper and an adjustable closure to make them easy to put on and off.

The footbed is also anti-bacterial and odor-resistant. Users review this product very positively and say that it is great for flat feet and other foot problems.

Acorn Men’s Digby Gore Mule Slipper

Acorn Men's Digby Gore Mule Slipper

These Acorn Digby Gore Mule slippers are made from warm Italian wool and a rubber contoured TPR cup sole with built in arch support. They have long wearing cushioning and are easy to put on and take off.

Users review that they are a good fit and have good arch support. They are easy to get on and off your feet and are extremely durable. You can hand wash and air dry them to keep them clean and they feel comfortable and warm.

Vionic Adilyn Women Round Toe Canvas Slipper

Vionic Adilyn Women Round Toe Canvas Slipper

The Vionic Adilyn Canvas Slipper features a synthetic upper and rubber sole. It has good arch support and is made to provide comfort.

Users like that these canvas slippers are good for people with wider feet. They fit well, and are both cute and comfortable. Several users have actually found that this product eases various foot pains.

How To Know If You Have Flat Feet Or Low Arch Feet

Flat feet are not difficult to identify. If your foot arch touches the ground, then you have flat feet. If your feet are low to the ground without coming in contact with it, you have low arch feet.

Another term used to describe low arch feet is pronation. While pronation is used to describe the inward motion of both feet toward the center line of the body, problems can arise in cases when feet overpronate meaning that the feet roll in more than the standard foot.

In the case of feet that overpronate, the arches are flexible and therefore they have a tendency to be flat or low.

Flat Feet Problems

It is important to know that some people may have flat feet all their lives without any problem while others may experience various and often painful symptoms, depending on the severity of their condition.

Here are some of the symptoms related to flat feet:

  • Heel and arch pain is common with people who have flat feet.
  • The pain inside the ankle which is sometimes accompanied by swelling.
  • Pain in the knee, calf, hip and ultimately the lower back.
  • Feeling of stiffness.
  • A condition that is commonly associated with flexible low arch feet is Plantar Fasciitis, an inflammation of the band of tissue that stretches along the bottom of the feet which is commonly caused by flexing of the arch and stretching of this band of tissue.
  • Feet may get tired easily and they are more prone to injuries as well as ankle injuries.
  • Problems with body balance may arise.
  • Flat feet can lead to the development of bunions and hammertoes which is common with people with flat feet.

Flat Feet Causes

There are various causes that someone may develop flat feet. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Hereditary factors.
  • Repetitive trauma can weaken the tendon and cause inflammation and tear which can lead to the flattening of the arch.
  • Certain health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and arthritis are risk factors for the development of flat feet.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Aging.

How To Choose The Best Slippers For Flat Feet And Low Arch Feet- 5 Important Criteria

Arch and Heel Support

The most important feature of a good slipper for flat feet is to have sufficient support and offer stability to the area of the arch and the heel.

An adequately supportive slipper will control the overpronation and minimize the flexibility of the foot and therefore the turning in as well as the arch flattening.

Good support can be achieved with a stiff soled slipper in order to prevent the foot from over rotating into the flat position.

In addition, a stiff heel is required to resist the rotation of the heel bone.

Some people believe that the only way to keep the arch from flattening and to provide stable support to feet that are flat is by using arch support insoles and orthotics.

Nevertheless, today there are companies that create high-quality supportive slippers or orthopedic slippers with orthotic insoles and anatomical arch support.

These are specially designed for a number of foot issues such as flat feet, overpronation, Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes and a lot more.

These products are meant to cover the needs of flat feet, reinforcing the inner part of the foot and providing some relief.


A good cushioning effect is another useful feature that adds comfort to a flat foot slipper, but cushion on its own will not be enough to offer flat feet the strong support the arches require.

Cushioning can surely provide you with some level of shock absorption but it all depends on the density and the amount of cushion as well as how long it lasts.

In a lot of slippers, cushion easily flattens after some uses, so to be on the safe side, do not depend just on cushioning if you are looking for a truly supportive slipper for flat feet.

In the case of obesity, people may also find that adding an orthotic insole to their slipper may be a safer option to go for.

Comfort Features For Sensitive Feet

People with flat feet may often develop bunions or hammer toes and that makes their feet somewhat more sensitive.

If you fall in this category or you suffer from health issues that are associated with flat feet such as diabetes, arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, you will need a slipper that is not only supportive to flat feet but has other comfort characteristics such as:

  • Soft interior lining that is seam-free.
  • Foam padding.
  • Good quality durable materials that protect sensitive feet and are breathable.
  • A toe box that is wide enough so that the pressure on the bunions or hammer toes is eliminated.

Orthotic-Friendly Design

It is said that nothing is better for flat feet and Plantar Fasciitis than using orthotic insoles. Choosing a slipper that is orthotic friendly means that the footbed of the slipper can be removed so that you can add your custom orthotic if you prefer.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

If you are planning to use your slipper in and out of the house like in the yard, to pick up mail or for a short visit to your local shop, you will need to choose a supportive slipper that has a strong rubber outsole.

An outsole that is good for both indoor and outdoor use will make your slipper more practical to use and therefore more useful.


A good pair of supportive orthopedic slippers that are specially designed to help relieve symptoms of various foot problems can make a world of difference to flat feet as well, and in this review we have given you different options of some of the best slippers for flat feet for both men and women.