Best Slippers For Heel Pain For Men And Women

Best Slippers For Heel Pain For Men And Women

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Heel pain not only makes it difficult to walk but it can leave you feeling miserable all day and night every day and night.

Having slippers that help to reduce heel pain can allow you to relax while you are at home. So, here is a look at the best slippers for heel pain for men and women.

Orthofeet Asheville Diabetic Men’s Orthopedic Leather Slippers

Orthofeet Asheville Diabetic Men's Orthopedic Leather Slippers

These Orthofeet Asheville Men’s Orthopedic Slippers feature a leather upper, an anatomical arch support and cushioned heel pads. They are non-binding with a soft seamless fleece lining as well as foam padding and an adjustment strap.

People who have purchased them review that they do ease heel pain due to the arch support and the good padding. The adjustable straps help these slippers fit better and they are also well made and fit well. In addition, they are easy to put on and take off.

Orthaheel by Vionic Indulge Gemma Women’s Round Toe Canvas Slippers

Orthaheel by Vionic Indulge Gemma Slippers

These Orthaheel by Vionic Indulge Gemma Slippers come in several colors and 3 animal prints. They are podiatrist designed with contoured arch support, a shock absorbing EVA midsole, a deep heel cup and a hook-and-loop closure that is adjustable.

In addition, the upper and lining are 100% polyester/terry upper and lining, and the foot bed is odor resistant and anti-bacterial.

Users really like the fact that these women’s slippers have great arch support and ease foot and heel pain. They also like the Velcro strap that is adjustable for a more customized fit as well as the sturdy sole and the fact that they hold up well.

Orthafeet Men’s Brown Leather Wide Moccasins

Orthafeet Men's Brown Leather Wide Moccasins

These Orthafeet moccasin slippers are specifically designed to ease heel pain, foot pain and other types of pain associated with foot or leg problems causing discomfort such as Plantar Fasciitis, flat feet, diabetes, arthritis and more.

This moccasin footwear has anatomical arch support and a cushioned heel pad. It is non-binding and has a seam free lining as well as a wide toe box. It also features a lightweight sole with air cushioning that facilitates foot motion and enhances stability, alleviating joints stress.

Users especially like that these great looking Moccasins are good for wider feet and that they ease foot and back pain. In addition, they are comfortable, sturdy and can be worn out of doors.

Vionic Relax Open Toe Slippers for Women

Vionic Relax Open Toe Slippers for Women

These Vionic relax slippers for women are made with orthaheel technology that reduces excess pronation, according to clinical studies.

They feature an open toe design, a fabric upper, hook and loop adjustable straps, an anti-bacterial foot bed and lining as well as a TRP outsole with traction.

People find that this open toe footwear eases foot pain. It has great cushioning and support and it feels soft on the feet. Users also love the adjustable straps.

Orthofeet Charlotte Orthopedic Leather Women’s Slippers

Orthofeet Charlotte Orthopedic Leather Women’s Slippers

The Orthofeet Charlotte women’s slippers feature suede leather uppers, orthotic insoles with air cushioning, anatomical arch support, a cushioned heel pad, seam free lining, a wide toe box and nice stitching around the front and the sides of the shoe.

People find them to be very comfortable with a good arch support. They also like that they are warm as well as machine washable and that they have an adjustable strap.

Propet Men’s Cush N Foot Slipper

Propet Men's Cush N Foot Slipper

Propet men’s slipper is a medicare approved footwear which is cushiony for additional comfort and has some minimal arch support.

It features a stretchable neoprene upper with an extra-large opening as well a Velcro strap to make it easy to put on and take off but also more functional for swollen feet.

Users review that this is a good slipper for foot pain and a number of foot problems that cause discomfort such as diabetic neuropathy, swollen feet and more. It is comfortable enough to wear for long hours, well made and lightweight. Finally, the sole is thick and firm with a good grip.

ISOTONER Women’s Terry Slip On Cushioned Slipper

ISOTONER Women's Terry Slip On Cushioned Slipper

Isotoner women’s microterry supportive slipper features extra heel cushion that relieves fatigue and pressure, a memory foam insole which molds to the feet and an EVA arch support.

The microterry material of the upper and the lining keep the feet dry and warm while the rubber outsole is skid resistant and durable. This product can be machine washed in cool water and dried flat.

ISOTONER Men’s Terry Slip On Cushioned Slipper

ISOTONER Men's Terry Slip On Cushioned Slipper

This Isotoner microterry house slipper for men features soft lining and is enhanced with memory foam that is gel infused to offer stable support and mold to your feet providing lots of comfort. It also absorbs shock, reducing stress on the lower body as well as muscle fatigue.

In addition, the gel infused memory foam helps with heel pain while regulating feet temperature, keeping them cool and comfy. When it comes to the outsole, it is rubber, anti-skid, durable and weatherproof. Finally, this product is machine washable and easy to clean.

ISOTONER Women’s Terry Spa Slip On Slide Slipper

ISOTONER Women's Terry Spa Slip On Slide Slipper

This terry spa slide slipper looks really comfy and soft. It features a PillowStep tufted footbed, which feels like you have pillows under your feet as well as a soft padded insole that provides adequate comfort.

These lightweight slippers also have microterry upper and lining, an adjustable strap and a weather proof skid resistant outsole. Finally, they can be machine washed in cool water and dried flat.

Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper

Spenco Men's Supreme Slipper

This Spenco slipper for men has some features that may be worthwhile looking at if you suffer from heel pain such as deep heel cupping, a contoured support footbed and arch support that is orthotic grade.

The metatarsal dome alleviates forefoot pressure while the shoe is odor resistant as well. The outsole is skid-resistant and non-marking. Finally, the upper is leather and the lining is faux fur.

Users like the arch support of this slipper and the fact that it is comfy. Some users, though, have reviewed that the lining sheds a bit.

What To Look For When Buying Heel Pain Slippers

Heel pain footwear

1) Supportive Insole

If you suffer from heel spur pain or other types of heel pain, you will want to look for a supportive slipper with lots of padding and cushioning at the heel area. Knowing what causes your heel pain will also help determine the right slipper for you. Let’s look at some examples:

For heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis – Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of intense heel pain. Too much pressure on the feet causes inflammation to the ligament that joins your heel bone with your toes which in turn leads to stiffness and pain. The pain usually affects the heel, but the whole bottom of the foot can be impacted.

If plantar fasciitis is the cause of your pain, look for an orthotic slipper that combines flexibility, support, and comfort. Foam cushioning will also help alleviate the pain. Some of these slippers allow you to add an orthotic insole, too. If you have never used an orthotic insert before, you can start with a semi-rigid insole while for people who need stronger arch support, a rigid insole is the best option.

For heel pain caused by standing all dayIn this case, you will not necessarily need orthotic arch support. Foam slippers provide some support and pressure relief so they should be able to relieve the pain caused by standing long hours on your feet.

For heel pain caused by body injuries – For heel pain caused by sprains and strains, you may need a hook and loop adjustable slipper to accommodate possible swelling, pain, and inflammation. The Velcro feature adjusts to the width of your foot and makes it more comfortable to put on and off.

For heel pain caused by diabetes or arthritis – Arthritis and diabetic patients may face various foot issues including edema (foot swelling), bunions, hammertoes, corns and calluses, ingrown toenails and more.

Look for home footwear that is adjustable and gentle to your skin. A wide toe box is necessary for toe deformities while for heel pain you will need your shoe to be cushioned and shock absorbent. Talk to your podiatrist for any other foot issues related to diabetic feet.

2) Open Back

For heel pain and swelling, an open back slipper such as a scuff or a clog slipper is easier to slide on and off. Closed-back models may increase foot discomfort if you suffer from pain. However, there are models with an adjustable strap at the front and the back for a fully customizable fit.

3) Soft Seamless Lining

When your feet are inflamed and in pain, you don’t want anything that can potentially irritate them even more. To prevent irritation, seek for fabrics that feel soft to the skin and seamless lining. Avoid buying a product with a tag on the heel cup.

4) Easy to Put On and Off

It is easy to understand that an easy on and off is an important feature. At the same time, you will also want to wear something that stays on your feet for safe wear.

5) Right Fit

To make the best out of your home footwear and find pain relief, choose the right size and width. Don’t compromise with anything less than a super comfy house slipper.

7 Tips To Relieve Heel Pain At Home

  • Wear heel pain relief slippers
  • Rest your feet as much as you can
  • Add some crushed ice to a plastic bag and wrap a towel around it. Put it on the painful heel 3-4 times a day for 10-15 minutes at a time.
  • If your existing slipper doesn’t have adequate support and cushion, you can add orthotic inserts to it.
  • Visit your doctor if the pain becomes intense and your heel gets red and swollen

All in all, if you are looking for the best slippers for heel pain for men and women, the above product recommendations have offered you some good options to think about.