Best Slippers For Toddlers Review

Best Slippers For Toddlers Review

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Finding the best slippers for your toddlers can sometimes be difficult. What you need is a slipper that can keep their feet warm, prevent them from slipping on wood or tile floors and that stays on their feet when they walk, run or crawl around playing.

You also want a slipper that your older toddler can put on and take off themselves. Some slippers meet some of these criteria, but do not meet all of your toddler´s needs.

However, after some research, we have found several pair of slippers that offer everything your child needs and you want when shopping for the top slippers for toddlers. So, here is a look at some of these great toddler slippers.

Acorn Kadabra Slipper

Acorn Kadabra Slipper The Kadabra slipper is a booty slipper designed to keep your little one’s ankles as well as their feet warm.

It is available in toddler size 8/9 and a wide choice of beautiful colors and pretty designs.

It is fleece covered (think blanket material) with a synthetic sole, suede sidewalls and elastic cuff and has a memory foam midsole for increased comfort.

Parents state that these slippers keep their child’s feet and ankles warm, and are durable and easy to wash right in the washer. Best of all, they stay on their toddler’s feet when they are running and playing.

Acorn Easy Bootie Slipper

Acorn Easy Bootie SlipperThese Acorn Bootie Slippers look really cute and very attractive. They are available in various designs and even in one that looks like a black or a brown bear´s foot.

The upper is made of soft polyester fleece and the sole is cushion fabric, too.

The outsole is faux-suede. The fact that the outsole is fabric makes it necessary to have some good grippers on it.

In fact, there are some markings on the outsole, but I am not sure how sticky they really are.

Apart from that, this looks like a good quality comfortable slipper that parents seem to be very pleased with. It can also be machine washed cold.

People really like these slippers. They find them really warm and comfortable. They stay on the feet well and the elastic around the ankle is neither too tight nor too loose.

Toddlers love wearing them and mothers also love the fact that they don´t shrink after wash and come out of the washing machine almost dry.

Acorn Moc Slipper

Acorn Moc Slipper If Astronauts, famous mountaineers and athletes love wearing Acorn mocs and they really do as part of their active lifestyle, how about choosing an Acorn Moc slipper for your super active toddler as one of the best choices for slippers?

The Kids Acorn Moc Slipper is made to look like the grown up version of the same style slipper and comes in the limited toddler size of 8-9 and a variety of color and pattern choices suitable for both boys and girls.

These slippers feature a warm and soft polyester upper, a micro fleece lining, a memory foam midsole and non-slip weatherproof soles that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. The raised heel and arch offer some extra support and stability.

Parents really like this product stating that it is well made, lightweight, comfortable, warm and provides their child with good traction. Best of all, their toddlers love wearing them.

Some people recommend buying a size up if you order from Amazon because, according to them, these slippers tend to run small.

Minnetonka Cassie Slipper

Minnetonka Cassie Slipper If you generally like moccasin style slippers, you are most probably going to look for the same type of slippers for your toddler.

The Minnetonka Cassie slipper is a good quality moccasin style slipper that comes in toddler sizes 7, 8, 9 and 10 and can be purchased in 4 colors cinnamon, hot pink, chocolate or purple.

It is made of 100% cowhide suede and has a rubber indoor/outdoor sole and faux shearling lining.

Parents really like this slipper finding it to be attractive, well made and soft inside as well as capable of keeping their toddlers feet warm. They also like the fact that their child can easily put them on and take them off by themselves and that the fit is pretty true.

ACORN Easy Critter Bootie Slipper

ACORN Easy Critter Bootie Slipper By just looking at the different models of the Acorn Easy Critter Bootie slipper, you instantly think that there can´t be anything cuter than this.

It´s almost like making you want to go back to your toddler years just for the sake of putting on these slippers.

Different lovely animal patterns are available like the monster, the frog, the doggy, the ladybug, the baby bunny, the moose.. oh my God, I would really love the ladybug version in my size. And all of this, with the best quality Acorn provides you with.

The sole is faux suede and there is a comfort cushion insole and warm fleece linings. A hidden elastic around the ankle makes this toddler bootie stay on foot. It is also machine washable.

Parents give a very positive feedback about these slippers´ quality, comfort, warmth and style with the only negative comment saying that they can be a bit slippery on tile and wooden floors.

Kamik Cozy Cabin Slipper

 Kamik Cozy Cabin Slipper The Kamik company has been creating footwear for over 100 years! Having northern origins, they focus on providing excellent comfort and durability even under the harshest conditions.

The cozy cabin slipper for toddlers comes in sizes 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 and features a felt upper and sole. The felt sole is printed anti-skid and the inside is cushioned felt and memory foam.

The available colors are pink, blue, and royal blue. Some people machine wash this footwear for toddlers while others only hand wash it.

Parents state that they are well made, durable, comfortable and really warm especially if you need them for very cold weather conditions.

Although these slippers have a rubber logo on the outsole that is supposed to provide a grip, few users found that it just wasn´t enough for running a wooden floor.

Carter’s Sasha2BS Slipper

Carter's Sasha2BS SlipperThe Sasha 2BS slipper comes in toddler sizes small, medium and large and is an ankle style bootie slipper that is designed to look like bright green monster´s feet.

They are made from manmade fur with a US toddler sole and Velcro top closure.

They are warm and fun and the skid pads on the bottom prevent your toddler from slipping.

Parents like the fact that these slippers are very warm, comfortable and soft as well as washable and toddlers love them because they are fun, so they just wear them all day long.

You just need to be a bit careful when ordering the right size for your child.

Acorn Polar Moc Slipper

Acorn Polar Moc Slipper The Acron Polar Moc Slipper is another good looking design provided by Acorn.

They come in toddler size 8-9 as well as 4 different colors and designs, and feature a fabric upper and a rubber sole.

Of course, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

They are also machine washable, but do tend to run a bit small so parents suggest you purchase one size up from what your toddler normally wears.

These slippers are warm, comfortable and extremely durable with non-skid bottoms to help keep your toddler from slipping.

Parents are very pleased with their quality. They like that they are easy to put on and that the soles are great which makes them safe for playing and running. They also hold their shape and are very comfortable.

Sesame Street Elmo Slipper

Sesame Street Elmo Slipper Toddlers love Sesame Street and this sock top Elmo slipper looks good enough to use it as a puppet as well.

It has a nice bright red color and comes in sizes 9-10.

It is made of Plush material with synthetic soles and elastic at the ankles to help keep the slippers on even for the most active toddler. They also have non-slip soles.

Although some parents do not like that there is no lining inside the slipper, so their kid needs to always wear socks with them, they are still pleased with the fact that their kids love these slippers.

They are also very soft on the outside, warm and of course cute as button.

Foamtreads Rocket Slipper

Foamtreads Rocket Slipper The Rocket slipper for toddlers comes in available sizes 8, 9, and 10 and three colors Burgundy, pink and Navy.

They consist of a fabric upper and synthetic sole and are hand washable.

Parents like that they come true to size and have anti-skid soles to keep their children from slipping when walking or running.

They also like the fact that they are durable lasting until their toddler out grows them and are easy for their child to put on and take off by themselves.

# 1 “Engine” Thomas the Tank Engine Slipper

Thomas the Tank Engine Sock Slipper This Thomas the Tank Engine Sock Slipper comes in sizes 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 and consists of a plush upper and synthetic sole.

Parents love that it looks exactly like Thomas, which makes their toddler eager to wear them and reluctant to take them off.

They review that they are fun, warm and comfortable with enough grip in the sole to keep their child from slipping.

They are also easy to put on and take off.

BePe Toddler No Slip House Slipper

BePe Toddler No Slip House SlipperThe BePe toddler no slip house slipper comes in toddler size 9-10 as well as various colors and nice looking patterns.

They are made of fleece with a lightly cushioned inner sole and vinyl non-skid bottom. They are also machine washable.

Parents find them to be well made, slip resistant, comfortable and warm for their toddler.

They also like the fact that they wash well.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best slippers for toddlers, one of these pair of slippers should fit both the bill and your toddler´s feet.