Cool Star Wars Slippers For Kids And Adults

Star Wars Slippers is a great idea to excite your loved ones when you exchange Christmas gifts or on any other occasion, and in this review you will find some cool star wars slipper ideas for kids and adults that will make people and especially those star wars fans love you a tad more.

Star Wars Children’s Slippers

These Star War Slippers are synthetic and available in four different sizes for children: small, medium, large and extra large. All along the bottom they have rubber dots which offers some anti-slip protection.

They are fun and you can choose your recipient’s favorite star wars hero among Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, R2D2 and Chewbacca.

Kids love these slippers, and adults buy them as presents as well as to be matched with star wars pajamas. They are comfy and make great Christmas gifts.

Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Slippers for Adults

These Star Wars Chewbacca slippers look extremely cute and are available in medium and extra-large for men and women although some people buy them for teenagers as well.

They look well made and warm and are officially licensed star wars slippers made of polyester.

Users like this star wars indoor footwear because it looks great and is warm and comfortable. The foam support on the bottom makes it stable and soft.

Star Wars Darth Vader 3D Slippers for Men and Women

These Star Wars 3D Slippers are officially licensed and look well made. They are available in sizes for adults and are made of polyester with small rubber dots on the bottom.

Users are pleased with the quality and awesome looks of these slippers. They are fun, comfy, warm and also fit well.

The only sort of negative thing few people have mentioned is that the slippers trip when they go up and down the stairs because of the big Darth Vader head but they are so obsessed with them that they nevertheless love wearing them all the time!

Disney Star Wars Darth Vader Slippers for Toddlers and Little Kids

These Disney Star Wars Slippers are available in sizes for toddlers as well as little kids. They feature sublimated graphics, a soft upper, a cushioned foot bed and an outsole with rubber dots on it.

You can choose among either the red or the black Darth Vader version as well as the R2-D2 and Storm Trooper ones.

Users find this home footwear really cute as well as comfy and they are pleased overall. One thing that a lot of them agree upon is that the slipper runs a bit small.

Also, there were few users who were not so pleased with the durability of the product but most people didn’t seem to have similar kind of issues.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Adult Slippers

These officially licensed Star Wars Adult Slippers look really roomy and fun. They are made of polyester and have the shape and colors of a storm trooper helmet.

Users review that this is a really cool looking star wars slipper with attention to detail. It is also very comfortable and makes a great gift.

Star Wars Yoda Unisex 3D Slippers

These Yoda 3D slippers come in adult sizes and are made of polyester. They feature a foam foot bed and they are officially licensed.

Users say that they are warm, comfy and well made. If you are buying for someone with a pet, keep in mind that they can become the dogs’ favorite item but, according to users, they tend to scare cats at least in the beginning.

Star Wars Boba Fett Adult Slippers

Boba Fett might not be one of the most popular star wars heroes but for Boba Fett fans, this Boba Fett Adult Slipper is perfect with great focus in detail.

It is officially licensed and comes in the shape and colors of Boba Fett helmet.

Users love this fun footwear and find it very comfy. It is also perfect for wider feet since it is quite roomy and good to wear even with thick socks.

Star Wars R2D2 Slipper for Adults

These plush Star Wars R2D2 Slippers look really cute and they are perfect for R2D2 fans. They are available only in adult sizes and are made of polyester.

Users love this home footwear and say that it feels good on their feet and fits well.
It is also very comfy and warm, durable and well made.

Finally, it makes a great gift at the Christmas present exchange.

Star Wars Men’s Slip On Slipper

This Star Wars Slip On Slipper looks more like a common slip on slipper but it still has a star wars element which works fine in always reminding you of your favorite film.

Users like these slip ons and say that they fit well. They are also comfortable as well as warm and look durable.

Comic Images Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Slippers for Adults and Kids

This adorable Wookiee slipper is available in sizes for both adults and kids. It looks cute and cuddly, and is an officially licensed Star Wars product.

Users like buying these slippers as perfect gifts and women report that they love seeing them in their hubbies’ feet.

They have thick padding and even though the padding might flatten out at some point, people wear them with no problem even after that. They are also comfy with a good craftsmanship.

Comic Images BB-8 Star Wars Slippers for Kids and Adults

These BB-8 Star Wars Slippers look amazingly cute! The bright orange color looks very pretty, too.

These Star Wars slip ons look comfy and are available in sizes both for adults and for kids.

Users think that this product is well made and doesn’t look cheap. It is also sturdy as well as comfortable and of course adorable!

Disney Kids Stormtrooper Slippers

These Stormtrooper Slippers for kids are booty style with a plush construction. They have embroidered accents and an anti-slip outsole.

This might not be the best quality Star Wars slipper but the booty style protects sensitive to the cold ankles and kids seem to love this style.

Disney Star Wars Chewbacca Deluxe Slippers for Kids

These cute Chewbacca Slippers look very fuzzy and cute. They have a Faux fur interior, cushioned foot bed and little grips on the outsoles.

Cute details such as the nose made of Faux leather or the embroidered blue eyes make this kids’ slipper very pretty looking.

Users say that they are very soft, warm and cuddly.

Disney Star Wars Mens’ Slipper Socks

These star wars slipper socks are officially licensed and available in small/medium, medium/large and large/X-large. They are made of polyester and have anti-slip bottoms.

Users find them comfy but not so suitable for cold floors.

In conclusion, there is nothing better as a Christmas gift or any other occasion for the star wars fan than a cool awesome star wars slipper.