Best Summer Slippers For Sweaty Feet

Best Summer Slippers For Sweaty Feet

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Keeping your feet cool, dry and fresh in Spring or Summer can be challenging especially if they tend to sweat or get hot. Now, you may feel very tempted to walk barefoot, but keep in mind that walking on tile and hardwood floors without slippers can cause various foot problems.

When choosing the best Summer slippers for sweaty feet, you will want to look for some specific features including:

  • Moisture-wicking materials to prevent moisture and the possible development of fungi and other foot infections
  • Breathable and odor-resistant fabrics
  • An open-toe or flip-flop style to prevent your feet from overheating
  • Machine washable to keep your slippers fresh and clean
  • Rubber anti-slip outsole for indoor and outdoor use (to prevent transmission of bacteria and viruses to your home, sanitize the soles before entering the house.)
  • Lightweight construction
  • Comfy style
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Good support for people who suffer from foot pain issues.

Top Women’s Summer Slippers Reviews

CIOR Fantiny Women’s Memory Foam Thong House Slippers

Best summer slippers for women

To prevent your feet from sweating, opt for natural materials such as cotton instead of synthetic ones such as polyester, acrylic, spandex, nylon, and others.

This Fantiny flip flop slipper comes with a breathable upper that keeps your feet cool and moisture-wicking Terry cotton lining. The material is very soft and cozy to wear and does not feel uncomfortable in the area between the toes, which is a big plus.

A high-density memory foam insole nicely cushions every step you take and provides some support. One layer of elastic sponge in the heel offers good comfort for tired heels and toes and can relieve foot fatigue at the end of a long working day.

The TPR outsole has an anti-slip texture and is waterproof. It also doesn’t leave any skid marks on the floors. Users find that these slip-on thong slippers are super comfy, sturdy and well-made. They also love the fact that they can be machine washed.

Manufacturer’s sizing tip: They may feel a bit tight initially, but, after one week, they will stretch out a little.

Dearfoams Women’s Df Terry Thong Slipper

Cool summer slippers

Well known for its quality and very affordable footwear, Dearfoams is a company with a good reputation. Their Df thong type slipper is a great summer solution as it combines memory foam comfort, a great fit and a super affordable price that makes it great value for the money.

The multi-density cushioned insole feels quite supportive while the double strap is a real treat since it provides a snug fit and prevents your feet from sliding off or your toes from curling. Besides, it comes in different widths and some nice patterns. The outsole is suitable for indoor use and quick trips outside.

Users love how it hugs their feet keeping them cool and moisture-free.

Vionic Women’s Relax Slipper

Supportive summer slippers for plantar fasciitis

If you need an excellent pair of supportive summer slippers to relieve pain and discomfort associated with foot issues such as Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, high arches, fallen arches and more, this ‘Vionic Relax’ is one of the most popular options out there.

It is accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association and is enthusiastically reviewed by a large number of users who find this footwear a great solution for various foot and heel pain issues.

It features concealed support and a deep heel cup that reduces pressure on the metatarsal area providing instant as well as continual relief to the people that need it. The Velcro strap is adjustable and feels soft and flexible so it does not irritate the foot. This makes it a good option for bunions as well.

Due to the open toe style and the soft fabric lining, Vionic is great to wear during spring and summer but even colder months if your feet tend to sweat and feel hot easily.

The only con though is that it can’t be machine washed or submerged in water. You need to wipe away dust or dirt and spot clean.

ULTRAIDEAS Open Toe Slide Slippers with Adjustable Strap

Fashionable summer slippers

ULTRAIDEAS striped slippers do not only come with a breathable upper and a terry insole for moisture-wicking comfort but they are also super cute to wear. The bow on the top looks girly and adorable and it is adjustable so it can fit narrow and wider feet.

The lining is soft and features multi-spots to provide a gentle massage effect. Also, the insole is memory foam and is good for relieving foot stress and tiredness. The hard rubber bottom has a good grip and is waterproof.

It is also easy to slip on, lightweight and can be machine washed (preferably in cold water). The only negative that users review is that the bow slips loose and it is not always comfy to stop and tie it back. It is neither too easy as the ends of the bow are sewn down. However, the company offers a video with easy ways to retie the bow, so you might find that useful.

DL Women’s Open Toe Slide Slippers

Best summer slippers for sweaty feet

These DL slippers feature an open toe design to keep your feet fresh as well as soft skin-friendly lining. The memory foam insole feels spongy and comfortable, and the rubber outsole is textured for anti-slip protection. The heightened design protects your feet and the shoe when stepping on wet surfaces.

The bright color options look cute, making it a nice gift idea for women of different ages. The cross strap is made from waffle flannel that feels soft but some users have reviewed that loosens up a little bit after a while.

To the list of positives, we can add an affordable price and the fact that this product is easy to care since it is machine washable.

Dearfoams Beatrice Microfiber Terry Slide Slipper

Open toe summer slippers for women

Dearfoams Beatrice slipper is made from terrycloth material that absorbs moisture. It features a quilted top and a memory foam padded insole that feels nice and soft. This footwear is nice to wear while relaxing at home or when coming out of the shower.

The rubber outsole is thinner as compared to the previous products in this review, but it is anti-slip and flexible. Users like that these slides are soft to the feet, comfy and machine washable.

On the downside, some users found that the opening of the shoe is too wide and the foot slides forward so it doesn’t fit right.

Adidas Adilette Slides

Adidas sporty summer slippers

These fashionable and super comfy slide sandals can be easily worn as Summer home slippers by young ladies and women who love everything Adidas. They don’t get sticky or hot and users love how unbelievably comfortable they are.

They look stylish and the sole is soft which is a big plus for tired feet. They are also very light and have enough wiggle room for the feet to expand if they get a bit swollen. With a big variety of colors and patterns, there are plenty of options to choose from ranging from more classic to fashionable ones.

When it comes to sizing, many users recommend sizing down.

Top Men’s Summer Slippers Reviews

RockDove Men’s Adjustable Wrap Memory Foam Slide Slipper

Best summer slippers for elderly

After a long day wearing work boots, is there a better feeling than sliding your feet into a comfy memory foam slipper that won’t make your feet hot?

RockDove is a popular quality slipper not only for men but surprisingly for some women as well since they seem to be good for women with wide feet and they are adjustable. They come with a strong Velcro strap that is super useful for people whose feet swell through the day.

To keep your feet fresh, this footwear comes with a breathable mesh upper and terry lining that wicks away sweat or moisture. The insole is memory foam and molds to your feet for pillow-like comfort. This feature is also good for the elderly who need a solid slipper that doesn’t slide off the feet and stays put when they walk.

Users love wearing these lightweight RockDove slides as summer house slippers. They feature minor arch support and they are great for swollen or sensitive feet due to a diabetic condition or nerve pain. They are also well constructed, reasonably priced and machine washable. Molding to your feet can take one day according to the instructions.

ULTRAIDEAS Open Toe Cross Brand Slide Slippers

Best summer slippers for men

If you are working from home and you need a cool summer slipper that is comfy enough and breathable to keep your feet fresh all day, ULTRAIDEAS is a great option.

The breathable mesh cross band features a slightly adjustable hook and loop for a perfect fit while the cloth lining is good for moisture absorption. The padded anti-shock EVA footbed reduces foot fatigue and promotes foot relaxation at home.

Besides, the rubber outsole is anti-slip, durable and waterproof so if you don’t like switching shoes when going out to pick the mail or walk the dog, this footwear is ideal. Caring for them is not difficult either, just throw them in the washing machine and they will come out as nice as new.

Microfiber Suede Home Open Toe Indoor Slippers

Best summer house slippers

For use on hardwood or tile floors, these Magtoe slippers are comfy and breathable. The microfiber suede material feels very soft and the coral velvet lining can absorb sweat. However, some users have reviewed that it can make your feet a bit warm if worn for long.

The cushiony EVA insole cuddles achy feet nicely and it is shock-absorbent while the hook and loop design adjusts to your feet easily. The TPR outsole feels sturdy and is lightweight and waterproof. It has a good grip and it doesn’t produce any noise when walking on those tile floors.

For easy care, you can machine or hand wash it but avoid using bleach or any chemical since it can damage the faux suede.

On the downside, some users have reviewed that this footwear slips off their feet quite easily.

LongBay Breathable Micro Suede Home Slippers

Adjustable summer slippers with velcro strap

Open toe scuffs are good to keep your feet dry and cool in all seasons. This LongBay scuff slipper features a micro suede breathable upper and soft coral fleece lining. The manufacturer recommends this as a great transitioning slipper from summer to colder weather temperatures.

Getting comfy at home? This scuff has a high-density memory foam footbed that adapts to the feet for a customizable fit and a Velcro strap. It is also machine washable for easy care.

Users like how comfy it feels but some people have mentioned that it is not durable and the memory foam flattens after a couple of months.

Ofoot Men’s Cotton Open Toe Flat Slippers

Cotton summer slippers

Natural materials such as cotton are excellent in terms of breathability and sweat absorption. These ofoot slipper features a 100% cotton upper and cotton lining to keep your feet cool and fresh.

The rebound memory foam insole is spongy and soft. It becomes comfy after it forms to your feet and it doesn’t deform easily. This is very lightweight and the simple style makes it suitable for men of all ages.

Besides, it is machine washable but may not be suitable enough for men with wide feet. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and is available in women’s sizes as well.

What To Look For In A Summer Slipper


To prevent sweat from creating an unpleasant odor to your feet but also prevent the appearance of toe fungus which is easy to thrive in humid environments, you will need to go for natural moisture-wicking materials.

For this purpose, cotton and terry cloth are good options and they are also breathable, allowing your feet to stay cool and dry. Avoid man-made synthetic materials such as plastic and polyester because they aren’t moisture absorbent and can overheat feet.

Open Toe or Flip-Flop Style

To prevent your feet from overheating and sweating, choosing the right style of shoe is important. In the case of hot feet or sweaty feet, the style that works best is open-toe, flip-flop or thong slipper. Stay away from closed-toe or closed back slippers because they can make your feet hot and sweaty.

Velcro Strap

An adjustable strap is a great feature to look for if you are suffering from any medical condition that causes your feet to swell or if you are pregnant. It is also good for people with wide feet or for people who work long hours sitting in front of a computer. The later can impact your blood circulation and lead to feet swelling.


Good support is another feature you will want your summer house shoe to have especially if you are challenged by foot issues including Plantar Fasciitis, high arches, and flat feet or if your feet often feel tired and achy. However, anyone who is looking for a comfy house shoe is sure to find some relief by choosing a quality supportive slipper.

If your foot problems are causing you pain and discomfort, choosing an orthopedic slipper is the best solution.

Indoor/Outdoor Outsole

If you want to be able to grab your mail, walk the dog or enjoy your yard without switching shoes, look for a shoe that features an anti-skid waterproof rubber outsole that is durable and sturdy.


To avoid selecting footwear that feels too tight and can, therefore, make your feet feel hot faster, choose carefully the right width (when different widths are available.) This is essential for people who have wide feet or foot deformities.

While some types of slippers need some time to break-in and conform to your feet, others will keep feeling snug so you may need a wider or larger size. If you are not sure of how tight a specific slipper may feel, you can check people’s reviews to see what they are saying about the fit.

Machine Washable

Knowing you can throw your slippers to the wash whenever they start losing their freshness is a handy feature. Always check the slipper care instructions the manufacturer provides.

The Bottom Line

Whether you spend a lot of time in the house during the Summer or not, you will need the right type of footwear to keep your feet sweat-free and odorless.

Our top picks in this review is a great place to start your search for the best summer slippers for sweaty feet. Or you may also like to have a look at our review on slippers for smelly feet.