Best Women’s Slippers For Wide Feet

Best Women’s Slippers For Wide Feet

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If you have wide feet, you know how important it is to wear proper slippers that fit your feet and offer you adequate comfort and pain relief at the end of a long tiring day.

Footwear that is narrow or too tight can cause pain, discomfort, blisters and various deformities including bunions, calluses, hammer toes, and crossover toes.

Finding the right slippers for feet that are wide, extra wide, or swollen at times, is not always easy. That is why we have created this buying guide to help you choose the best women’s slippers for wide feet.

Causes Of Wide Feet

While there is no need to worry if you have wide feet, you may want to visit a health professional if the widening is caused by swelling, which may be an indication of a health problem. Let’s look at some common causes for wide feet:

  • Genetics.
  • Foot problems such as hammer toes, calluses, bunions, and other foot deformities may lead to wider feet.
  • Pregnancy. Pregnant women’s feet tend to become larger especially between the 6th and the 9th month of their pregnancy.
  • Swelling. Fluid retention, specific medication, and health conditions may lead to swollen feet.
  • Aging. As we grow older, our body’s tendons and ligaments become a little loose and that’s how our foot seems to grow wider.
  • Weight gain may also make feet look bigger.

The Top 10 Wide Feet Slippers For Ladies

Here are the best slippers for women with wide feet, extra-wide swollen feet or other foot problems.

Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule Slipper For Foot Pain

Orthotic heel women's slippers for wide feet

Vionic Gemma mule slipper comes in 3 different widths (wide-extra extra wide.) The Velcro closure provides some adjustment to fit your foot nicely and the upper is made of soft breathable material that prevents unpleasant odor.

This footwear has received a seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. It offers great support and is especially beneficial for people with wide feet who suffer from foot pain and other foot issues such as Plantar Fasciitis, low arches, heel spur pain and more.

It also comes in various nice colors and animal prints such as tan leopard and dark grey zebra.

Vionic Women’s Adilyn Adjustable Slipper With Orthotic Arch Support

Wide feet slippers for women

If you think that slippers for wide foot do not look attractive most of the times, check out this Adilyn slipper. It looks quite elegant and pretty, and it comes in some beautiful looking colors.

The widths range from wide to extra-extra wide. The available widths are not the only advantage of this product, though. This footwear is great for women who suffer from foot pain issues including bunions and tendonitis and they need excellent support combined with comfort and stability.

The materials of the product are soft and warm, and it comes with a Velcro strap which makes it adjustable. The toe box offers plenty of space and the heel is padded. In addition, it doesn’t look bulky, it has great arch support and feels very comfortable to wear.

LongBay Women’s Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

Women's slippers for wide swollen feet

This Velcro comfy slipper is great for women who need an easy to get on and off slipper for fat or wide feet. It opens up wide enough to allow an easy entry so you don’t need to force your foot into the footwear which can be painful if you have Achilles tendonitis and suffer from foot or knee pain.

Wide swollen feet that easily get cold will find some relief due to the fluffy faux fur lining while the non-slip rubber outsole provides stability. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use as it is non-skid and waterproof.

This product may not be the best choice in terms of providing great support but it is comfortable to wear and is machine washable.

Wide Toe Box Slippers For Women – Orthofeet

Wide toe box slippers for women

These orthopedic leather slippers feature a wide toe box that relieves pressure on sensitive feet, hammer toes, bunions and other issues. They come in a wide and extra wide width and the lining is plush and seam-free.

This is certified and qualified as a therapeutic shoe and is recommended for women who suffer from foot pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis or neuropathy. It features orthotic arch support, air cushioning and orthotic insoles which can be removed and replaced with orthotics if you wish.

Silverts Women’s Extra Extra Wide Slippers For Swollen Feet

Extra extra wide slippers for swollen feet

These super wide slippers are recommended for women with swollen feet and ankles due to edema, diabetes or recent medical surgery cases where the patient needs to wear several wraps of ace bandage and gauze.

They open up very easily to accommodate swollen feet due to the Velcro closure which also helps adjust their width.

The outsoles are firm and sturdy with good traction while the insoles are memory foam.

They may look a bit bulky but users love the good fit and comfort they provide. In addition, they are machine washable and great for a visit to the doctor.

Wide Foot Velcro Slippers With Arch Support

Extra wide velcro slippers for women

For ladies with wide flat feet or women who suffer from foot pain issues such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and others, these Vionic supportive mule slippers are quality made and super comfy.

The widths range from wide to extra-extra wide and the lining is very soft and warm. The Velcro strap makes them adjustable and the arch support provides relief from foot, back, and knee pain.

They feature great cushioning, soft lining and a footbed that is podiatrist-designed. They fit perfectly and can be worn both indoors and outdoors. They are also very easy to slip into.

ULTRAIDEAS Women’s And Men’s Slip-on Slippers With Adjustable Straps

Cheap slippers for wide feet

If you are looking for a very affordable option to accommodate wide feet, this slip-on by ULTRAIDEAS comes in 3 widths and features a hook and loop closure that makes the shoe adjustable.

The upper is made of breathable materials while the terry lining feels soft and keeps your feet dry and warm during those colder months. The footwear can also comfortably be worn during Autumn and Spring.

The insole is memory foam and the outsole is anti-skid and waterproof. Overall, users find it quite comfy and some feel that while it is easy to slip into, it is difficult to come off.

Vionic Women’s Relax Open-Toe Slipper

Wide open toe slippers

For women who prefer an open-toe slipper, this Vionic orthoheel slipper is available in 3 widths and features orthotic arch support that relieves various types of foot pain.

The terry cloth upper and the footbed feels soft and cozy while the hook and loop strap helps you adjust the shoe to the width of your foot.

Users love the comfort, functionality, and quality this product provides. It also comes in various colors and an animal print.

Women’s Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers

Extra wide swollen feet slippers

This extra wide footwear features a forefoot strap that is ideal for different degrees of swelling. The wide toe box and extra depth design eliminates pressure on hammer toes, bunions, edema, pressure sores, ulcers or sensitive skin and helps relieve pain.

The seam-free lining and padded foam add to the comfort of the shoe. If you are pregnant or you stand long hours on your feet due to your profession, these home shoes can help.

Wide Fit Open Toe Slippers For Ladies

Wide Fit Open Toe Slippers For Ladies,aps,462&sr=8-14&th=1&linkCode=ll1&tag=healthyskin01-slipper-20&linkId=b223345657a765653382b673fa0a04c6

This is an affordable option featuring a hook-and-loop fastener that allows the shoe to open completely for easy use. It is recommended for cases of wide legs and feet, swollen ankles, bunions, calluses, hammer toes and more.

The open-toe design is ideal for warmer months or people who have hot feet. The micro chenille fabric of the upper and the footbed feels soft and cozy. The outsole is slip-resistant for outdoor and indoor use.

For better support, this slip-on can also accommodate orthotic inserts.

7 Factors to Look For When Buying Slippers For Wide Feet – Buying Guide

Here are the most important factors to look for when you want the right fit slipper for wide feet or swollen feet.

Wide Tread Area

Your slipper should have a tread area that is suitable for the width of your foot. This will make sure that your foot has ample space to spread and your toes can wiggle without feeling any pressure or pinching.

The best way to find how wide your footwear should be is to measure your foot. The best time is at night when the foot is at its widest. Measure both the feet and buy your footwear according to the measurements of the biggest foot (most people’s foot is larger than the other).

In order to measure the width of your foot, wrap a tape measure around the forefoot, which is generally the widest part of the foot.

Remember that not all slipper brands provide different widths, so you need to check individually what widths each model offers.

In the US, wide slippers are indicated with the letters C/D, C, D while extra-wide slippers´ widths are E, 2E, EE, WW. Extra-extra wide slippers are 3E, 4E, EEE, EEEEE, 2XW. Widths between women´s and men´s slippers also vary.

Deep Toe Box

If you have wide swollen feet or misshapen toes, simply finding a pair of wide fit slippers may not be enough. The shoe must also have a deep toe box to offer plenty of space to the toes and improve comfort.

To avoid toe irritation, look for a toe box that is seam-free. For additional comfort and a good fit, the shape of the toe box is also important. The rounded or square shape provides ample room for the toes.

Adjustable Strap

The adjustable velcro strap is an excellent feature to look for when buying slippers for extra-wide swollen feet or extra wide slippers for diabetics.

The strap helps the shoe to open up for convenient foot entry while by adjusting it, the footwear becomes wider. If your one foot is more swollen, then you can pull and adjust the strap to provide a comfortable setting according to the condition of each foot.

Removable Insole Inserts

If you need some extra depth in the shoe to fit you better, you can look for a slipper with insole inserts that can be removed. By removing the inserts, you automatically gain more space for your feet to function well.

Also, if you have wide flat feet or other foot problems, you can add orthotics to the shoe.

Arch Support

If you have flat arches or you simply need comfy and supportive footwear for use around the house, choose an option with a memory foam insole or a shoe that has a removable insole so you can add your own orthotics.

Stretchy Upper Material

For a comfortable fit, the material of the upper is also important. For example, a piece of stretchy fabric is a good option to help with extra swelling.

Machine Washable

This is not a feature that is absolutely necessary when buying indoor footwear for wide feet, but it is, nonetheless, useful.

If your product can be machine washed, carefully read the washing instructions. Generally, it is recommended that you should not tumble dry your slipper. Also, if the footbeds are removable, take them out and wash them separately.

After washing, do not place them near a radiator or a fireplace in order to dry. Natural drying is the best way.


Finally, remember that the best women’s slipper for wide feet is the one that will fit you perfectly and help you relieve any existing foot pain. To make sure that you get a perfect fit, make sure that:

  • You can wiggle the toes without feeling any pinching of the feet or pressure points.
  • The slippers do not rub uncomfortably and they stray securely in place when you walk around the house.
  • They fit properly so you can avoid any pain or other problems. Don’t assume that they may break in and stretch out in time.