Monster Slippers For Toddlers And Big Kids Review

Monster Slippers For Toddlers And Big Kids Review

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Monster slippers is a fantastic way to add a little bit of color, fun and excitement to your kid’s wardrobe. An ideal monster slipper should have a cool design and provide adequate coziness for your kid’s feet. In addition, it will help if is anti-skid in order to prevent your kid from slipping.

To help you choose that footwear that will be both appealing to you and your kid, here is a detailed review of the best Monster slippers for toddlers and big kids.

Sesame Street Kids’ Cookie Monster Puppet Slipper

Sesame Street Kids' Cookie Monster Puppet Slipper

If your child loves Elmo, there is no doubt that he or she will not love this cute Sesame street cookie monster slipper, creating a lot of fun and excitement for your kids. This is actually one of those products that really make you feel like wanting to be a kid again due to its very attractive design.

This monster puppet slipper is made from fabric that delivers adequate warmth. It also features a comfy cushiony foam foot bed and a synthetic sole with small rubber dots to prevent your kid from falling.

The stretchy knit collar and the faux fur will keep their feet and ankles warm while the fun design will keep the slipper on their feet successfully. This footwear comes in a variety of sizes that are suitable both for little and bigger kids.

ACORN Easy Critter Kids Bootie Slipper

ACORN Easy Critter Kids Bootie Slipper

These adorable Acorn bootie slippers are available in sizes that are suitable for infants, toddlers and little kids.

They feature a heel-to-toe cushion insole that feels comfortable, a faux suede outsole, terry cloth upper and lining as well as a concealed elastic encircling the ankle which gives kids a firm fit. Apart from the one eyed monster design, there are other equally cute designs available which certainly make lovely gifts for kids.

Users review that these beautiful booties are cute, soft, warm and cozy. They stay on the little ones’ feet and kids love wearing them. The only disadvantage though that few people have mentioned is that they are a bit slippery on tile or wooden floors, and this can be reasoned since the outsole does not have grippers.

K.I.C.S. Boys Girls Black Green Monster Scuff Slippers

K.I.C.S. Boys Girls Black Green Monster Scuff SlippersThis Kics monster scuff slipper is incredibly fun and comes in two different designs and colors. Both of the colors and designs look like really fun to wear and are sure to capture your kids attention especially if he or she is a monster lover.

This footwear is made from a blend of synthetic and fabric, and is suitable for kids of all ages. It has a simplistic design that makes it very easy to wear as well as a furry exterior and textured soles that actively prevent slipping. It is also machine washable.

Users review that the fit is good and that the slippers stay on the feet well. More importantly, kids love them. The price is very low as well.

LA PLAGE Boy’s Cotton-shaped Monster Cartoon Bedroom Slippers

La Plage Monster slippers

These La Plage Monster slippers are elegantly designed and look cute and funny. They are made of soft fabric and feature a durable rubber outsole that is great for hard surfaces that are slippery, providing adequate protection to your child’s feet.

The only thing you need to pay caution to though is that since the size is small, you need to size up. This footwear is warm as well as soft and makes a nice gift for Christmas, Halloween, birthdays or any other special occasion.

Users say that this monster footwear is super cute and comfy. A hidden Velcro strap keeps the slippers on well and they are very easy for the little ones to put them on themselves. A feature that people especially like is that the outsole is not just anti-slip but it is a hard rubber outsole which keeps children safe when they are running on hardwood or tile floors.

Akanbou Cosplay Monster Paw Plush Home Slippers

Akanbou Cosplay Monster Paw Plush Home Slippers

Most kids love monster paws and claws, and this is a reason why a monster paw home slipper can be a top choice for children that do not easily accept to wear slippers.

These monster feet slippers are available in different designs and colors. They are available in kids’ size 11-14 which is normally great for 5-8 years old. They are made from plush filler and feature a soft sole that is good for wood floors. In addition, they are warm and comfy.

Users review that the quality of this fun monster paw slipper is actually a lot better than what they expected taking into account the product’s price. They also find it funny, comfy and very warm.

Hatley Little Boys’ Fuzzy Fleece Slippers-Ice Monsters

Hatley Little Boys' Fuzzy Fleece Slippers-Ice Monsters

The design of this Hatley Ice Monster Slipper is definitely topnotch and funny. It is well above ankle size which makes it perfect for the winter season.

It is made from polyester and has sufficient fur on the outside and fuzzy fleece lining on the inside to offer adequate amount of warmth. It can also be machine washed.

Some users have had problem ordering the right size for their kids and few others were not impressed by the quality of this product. Nevertheless, people found them gorgeous and kids seem to love them as well. They also feel warm and cozy.

Marilyn Girls’ Non Skid Slipper Socks Leather Sole Moccasin

Marilyn girls’ monster slipper socks

Marilyn girls’ monster slipper socks come with a 100% leather sole and are made of soft cotton. They are available in assortment of sizes and fun colors for you to choose from.

They are easy to wear and stay on the foot. According to the seller, they are washable but you had better avoid putting them in the washing machine since the outsole is leather.

Users find this enjoyable footwear easy to put on as well as sturdy. It keep kids’ feet warm and cozy, and kids love wearing it.

Sesame Street Elmo Cookie Monster Kids’ Reversible Boot Slippers

Elmo cookie monster kids’ slipper

This Elmo cookie monster kids’ slipper has a distinctive feature that makes it standout. It can be worn to the inside out and the other way around. It is made of soft and warm plush material and has a cushioned sole.

Users find these monster bootie slippers just lovable and the reversible feature makes them all the more appealing.

In addition, they are soft, comfy and well made. They fit right and kids enjoy having these on their feet.

Yikes Twins Children’s slippers

Yikes Twins Children’s slippers

This turquoise monster slipper is adorable. It is made from 100% cotton terry and features an elastic band that holds feet firmly for that formidable grip, so it is convenient to engage in a lot of activities without the hassle that comes with slippers coming off.

There is also an anti-slip sole that prevents your kids from falling while this product can be machine washed as well.

Users review that it is comfy but probably not so warm for very cold winter time. The back strap keeps it on the feet well and people are pleased with its quality. Kids love this slipper as well.

Stride Rite Boy’s Cookie Monster Slipper

Stride Rite Boy's Cookie Monster Slipper

This Stride Rite cookie monster slipper has an adorable design. The blue color is bright and the 3D nose, eyes, hair and mouth makes it a really fun slipper to wear.

It is made from cotton and users find it comfy, cozy and well-made while kids find it lots of fun to wear.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a fun, comfy and cozy slipper for your big kid or toddler, these adorable monster slippers for toddlers and big kids in this review will definitely motivate your kids to start loving to have slippers on their feet.