Tips For Wearing Flip Flops

Tips For Wearing Flip Flops

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Tips for flip flops

There is no other footwear that is linked to summer so much as flip flops and sandals. With their vivid colors and designs, flip flops give us the sign that summer is finally here and is not going anywhere at least for a few months.

In addition, they keep your feet cool, they are easy to wear and are available in so many models that you are surely going to find a lot of different options to suit your style.

Nevertheless, wearing flip flops has its dangers, too, although in most cases, it is better to wear even a bad quality flip flop than being barefooted.

For example, if the flip flops are flat and thin without any arch support, they can make walking difficult and very uncomfortable which in turn can lead to foot as well as leg problems and even back problems.

Unsuitable flip flops can also obstruct normal blood circulation. Other problems such as blisters, foot bacterial infections, toe nail fungus as well as toe nail injuries can all appear as a result of wearing flip flops.

Wearing flip flops when walking makes it also easier for us to stumble, fall and hurt our big toe while other problems include the appearance of calluses, fatigue fractures and others.

It is also said that wearing bad quality flip flops continuously can cause permanent changes in the way we walk. For all the previous reasons, we have to avoid poor quality and very cheap flip flops or at least wear them as little as possible.

Nevertheless, if we love flip flops and can´t think our summer days without them, it is best to go for flip flops with arch support or flip flops that are good for walking.

So, let´s have a look at some other tips for wearing flip flops and keeping your feet healthy and safe.

​Don´t drive wearing flip flops

Wearing flips flops when driving can be very dangerous because it can hinder your driving. It is always safer to drive wearing closed toe shoes or generally sturdy shoes.

Also, while browsing around, I accidentally bumped into people’s online discussions about whether it is legal driving with flip flops in different states and countries, and after having a quick look at the comments, I could draw no safe conclusion about it being illegal, but something that made perfect sense to me was that if you get involved into an accident wearing flip flops, this could matter.

So, if you love wearing flip flops in the summer all the time, you might need to think it twice before wearing them to drive your car as well.

Choose your flip flops according to the activity you want to use them for

Wearing a thin plasticy flip flop to go trekking, walk around the town, stand for long hours, do the housework or some gardening and participate in athletic activities is not the best thing to do for you and your feet.

Still, if you can’t do without your thin flat Brazilian flip flops in the summer, it is better to wear them only when you are on the beach, next to a pool, at the gym or in the shower, and forget about wearing them to enjoy a really long walk.

Buy only good quality flip flops

When buying flip flops, you should go for good quality durable flip flops that have a number of features which will facilitate your walking and make it more comfy and pain free. They should also fit your feet well.

Replace your flip flops when they are falling apart

Replacing your flip flops when the signs of wear and tear are more than visible will keep your feet good looking and safe.

So, resist the temptation to remain sentimentally attached to your favourite pair of flip flops and go for something new with no second thought.

Keep your feet and toe nails good looking and healthy

Apart from getting a pedicure once in a while or doing your own pedicure at home, you should also keep your feet clean and well moisturized so that you prevent dry cracked skin and the appearance of calluses.

Having healthy pretty toenails is a must not only in the summer that you wear open toe shoes but also during those seasons that your feet are hidden inside shoes.

For those cooler seasons, you need to follow some tips for nice looking feet in the winter.

In addition, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen on the bridge of your foot before getting exposed to the sun because the skin of that area is very sensitive and it can get sunburnt very easily.

In conclusion, following some useful tips for wearing flip flops can help you feel more comfy in this type of footwear as well as prevent foot injuries and other health problems.