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Best Flip Flops With Rhinestones For Women

Best Flip Flops With Rhinestones For Women

If you like dressy flip flops that you can wear from morning till night, finding a stylish fashionable flip flop with rhinestones is a great option. So, let´s have a look at the review of some beautiful good quality flip flops with rhinestones for women.

Skechers Cali Women’s Meditation Peace Slim Flip-Flop

flip flop with rhinestones which you can wear from morning till night and there are a lot of different variations to choose from.

The heel measures 0.75″, which makes it more comfy for your feet, while the platform is approximately 0.5 inches so it absorbs sock up to a point.

Users find this footwear cute, comfy and durable. They review that the top layer feels like memory foam while the bottom feels very sturdy. These are versatile flip flops with sparkly rhinestones that women find very attractive.

Yellow Box Women’s Jello Sandal Flip Flop

crystal stone flip flop is pretty enough to wear all day long but may not be suitable to wear on the beach since the upper is cow suede. Nevertheless, this is a very comfy rhinestone flip flop as it features memory foam as well as a 0.25″ platform and a sloped heel.

In addition, the outsole is made of rubber and is non-slip. This footwear is available in various beautiful colours and looks comfy and stylish.

Users like that it is durable, very comfortable and easy to walk in. According to some users, these cushy flip flops feel like standing on an anti-fatigue mat the whole day.

Sanuk Women’s Ibiza Monaco Flip-Flop

Sanuk Rhinestone-Embellished Flip Flops are perfect for vegans and vegetarians. They look really pretty featuring a rhinestone circular toe strap which looks like a jewel surrounding your foot and they are comfy as well as they feature a squishy foot bed made of rubber.

Users like that the rhinestones are sparkly and that the soft bottom feels like a yoga mat although not everyone is fully satisfied with the level of comfort this footwear provides. It is also versatile but may not be suitable for all day wear or walking long distances since it offers no arch support.

Yellow Box Women’s Africa Flip Flop

rhinestone flip flops by Yellow Box which looks comfy and pretty. The wedge heel measures approximately 1.75″ while the platform is 0.75 inches. In addition, the outsole is flexible and does not leave marks on the floor.

When it comes to finding the right size, some people had to order half size bigger. Other than that, users find them pretty, comfy and dressy. The sole feels cushy as well.

RockDove Women’s Rhinestone Thong Flip Flops

RockDove Flip Flops have many features that makes them a great option when looking for rhinestone flip flops. They also look trendy so they are a good option for young girls as well, but they are functional, too.

When it comes to their features, they have a contoured foot bed with a curvy lift for a feminine form and the thong strap is soft and slender. There is minor arch support and a triple layered memory foam which cushions the foot. The floral upper wicks away moisture while the outsole is anti-slip.

Finally, the price is unbelievably low and the reviews that people share are very positive.

Yellow Box Women’s Stormy Flip Flop

Yellow Box Rhinestone Flip Flops which looks very pretty and a bit different compared to the other two models reviewed above.

It features similar characteristics like the other two models and has a comfy foot bed and a flexible outsole. This sparkly flip flop can be worn all day. It has a memory foam foot bed and high quality stones on the strap. It is also very lightweight.

Users find it beautiful, cushiony and comfy.

Yellow Box Women’s Jello Sandal

Yellow Box Jello Sandal Flip Flop looks stylish and comfy, and is available in two colors, Bordeaux and aubergine.

The strap features shiny Czech crystal stones, the foot bed is soft and comfy while the outsole is flexible.

Users review that it is supportive, comfy and super cute. In addition, it looks dressy and fits well.

Skechers Meditation Star Power Women’s Flip Flops

Sketchers Rhinestone Flip Flops feature a cushioned foot bed, a fabric toe post and a 0.75″ heel. They are easy on and off, and are available in two colors, black multi and navy multi.

Users find them beautiful and very comfy. It is worthwhile mentioning here that they may run wide for women with narrow feet and some people wish they were available in half sizes as well.

Premium Western Rhinestone Sliver Concho BlingBling Flip Flops

rhinestone flip flops feature a wide strap that is embellished with different sizes of rhinestones including a big rhinestone in the middle of the thong strap.

They also have a cushiony wedge sole and they are made of rubber. Users find them cute and comfy.

Capelli New York Ladies Fashion Flip Flops With Gem and Rhinestone Trim

Capelli gem and rhinestone flip flops are cute and fun to wear on the beach. Besides, they are lightweight and look fashionable.

According to some users´ feedback, they may feel slippery for people whose feet sweat a lot. Finally, the price is great and their quality is a lot better than that of common cheap thin rubber flip flops.

All in all, if you are looking for a stylish and fashionable flip flop to wear in the summer, these beautiful flip flops with rhinestones for women are good quality and comfy options to think about.