At (“Site,” “us,” “we”), we may use cookies and other technologies to enhance your experience on our website ( This policy outlines the types of data we collect, the reasons behind the collection, and who has access to this information.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files that websites place on your computer during your visit. They aid in remembering your preferences, making your visits more efficient, and ensuring a consistent online experience across different websites or apps. Cookies also help in tracking user behavior, enabling website owners to improve the user experience and make informed marketing decisions.

You have the option to disable cookies on your computer or set your browser to notify you when a website requests to place a cookie on your device.

Note: Disabling cookies may impact the proper functioning of some features on our website.

How We Use Cookies

Essential Cookies

Some cookies are crucial for the operation of our site, such as those that remember your login details and preferences. These ensure a seamless user experience.

Improved User Experience

Other cookies enhance your experience by tracking the pages you visit and identifying content of interest. We use first-party cookies, set by our trusted partners, to deliver advertising tailored to your preferences.

Partnerships with External Companies

We collaborate with other companies that use cookies and web beacons to gather information during your site visits. This information includes the pages you view, allowing us to enhance the overall user experience.

Types of Cookies We Use

Necessary Cookies

These maintain site security and functionality.

Information Storage and Access

Advertisers and companies may access stored information on your devices, such as advertising ID, device ID, and cookies. This practice enhances user experiences and allows for more relevant ads based on your preferences.

Advertising Cookies

These assist businesses in displaying tailored advertisements aligned with your interests. Ad servers and advertisers collect anonymous data about your site visits to refine ad targeting across various devices.

Analytics Cookies

Small data pieces stored on your computer help us understand user behavior, popular pages, and effective advertisements, contributing to better user experiences.

Personalization Cookies

These track repeat visits, gathering data on browsing habits to provide a more personalized experience, remembering visited pages, browsing history, and preferences.

Third-Party Cookies

Small data pieces from different websites stored on your computer may be disabled in your browser settings. These cookies are placed when visiting other websites through our links.

Other Tracking Technologies

We use tracking technologies like pixel tags and web beacons to collect limited data about page views. While you can control cookies’ interaction with these technologies, denying their use may impact your experience.

At, we prioritize transparency in our data practices to ensure you have control over your online experience. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Cookie Policy, feel free to contact us.